21 January 2011

Friday Freebies

Chemikal Underground
If you haven't already signed up to Chemikal Underground's mailing list, then you clearly haven't paid a blind bit of notice to anything I say. Not that I can blame you for not listening to me, but in all seriousness you really should sign up. So before you start festing on this weeks freebies go and sign up here. Just so you know what freebies you missed, this month they added some free tunes from new signing RM Hubbert and anew tune from Zoey Van Goey. You can download both songs here.

Freelance Whales

There are now two singles from the amazing Freelance Whales up for free download, their first second single, “Day Off” is available for free download here , while their first single, "Enzymes" is also up for grabs here. As if that wasn't enough, if you head over to their homepage you'll find a free download of 'Generator 2nd Floor'.

Sleeping Bag
This freebie came courtesy of a tweet from Paul Carlin, so cheers for the tip mate. I have toyed with the idea of doing a freebie of the week for a while now, but I can never quite make my mind up. This week it would be between the French Wives freebie below, and this download frm Sleeping Bag. I am not going to pretend that I had heard of Sleeping Bag before, I am not hipster enough for that anymore. All I can say for certain is that they've certainly caught my attention with this catchy lo-fi pop tune. Hopefully I have done enough to perk your interest with my ramblings, if you've come this far then you are in for a treat. Fuck it, all you need to know is that you can download their song 'Slime' for free on their Bandcamp. Awesome stuff.

El Hombre Trajeado
This previously unreleased collaboration with Mick Cooke, was recorded as part of the much missed Glaswegian post-rock outfits Saccade sessions. They thought it was too happy for their record. You can ownload it here.

30lbs of bone
On Wednesday I tipped him as one of my Ones To Watch for this year, now that Friday has come round it's time to share this recent show recorded in Leipzig, Germany available for free on Woodland Recordings (scroll to the very bottom of the page). There are also a whole load of other free recordings up for grabs on there, so tuck in.

Mike Watt
The punk legend has a free download of his new song, “Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man” available for free download here.

His Korner may well be a distant memory, but my blogger mate Kowalskiy is continuing on with his awesome series of EP's from the best of Scottish music. In this his 7th in the series of monthly EP, he's lined Amy Duncan, eagleowl, The Colourful Band, Lonely Tourist and Lovers Turn To Monsters. Now that's quite a line up, you can download it for free on his Bandcamp.

French Wives
As I said already, this is my joint favourite freebie of this week (seeing that written down makes me sound really childish doesn't it?), I am not going to deny that I am a massive fan of the French Wives. It was this song that actually got me into the band in the first place, it's a cracking wee pop tune. It's called 'Dogfight' and you can download it for free on their Myspace as part of their series of Homefires posts.

I've not a clue what this weeks freebie from the FOUND boys is going to be, I can however, tell you that tickets for their album launch went on sail this week. If you haven't already bought yourself one, now's the time to get your skates on as early bird tickets are only at £4. The ticket price will rise to £5 on 1 February, £6 on 14 February and will be available for £7 on the door. So get 'em while you can, also in case you were wondering the album is awesome. On with the freebie, as I said before I've no idea what it is, all I know for sure is that you'll find it on their Bandcamp

I don't think I could name any songs from DeVotchka apart from the one from the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. I am pretty sure that I would really like them as well. If I needed a starting point, a free download might be a good starting point. So now that their new song, '100 Other Lovers' is available to download on Stereogum, I might well have to do some more swatting up.

'Waifs & Strays' is available to download for free here.

The Dodos
Having just announced a European tour that finishes up in Glasgow, just now would be a good time to get yourself re-acquainted with this duo (actually are they still a duo? I haven't been paying attention recently). You can download new song 'Drone 2' here in exchange for your email address.

Cold War Kids
Has anyone heard their new album yet? I am not sure if I am going to bother after the shambles that was their last album. Freebie-wise, RCRD label have posted 'Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)' download it here.

The Mountain Goats
Here's a band I have heard a lot about, but never bothered to listen to. They seem to get a lot of hipster gets knickers in a twist, if you're one of these people then you might be interested to know that you can download new song “Damn These Vampires” via Stereogum.

Scottish electronica artist Waterson celebrates this year ’s Burns Day festivities with a specially recorded version of ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ which you can download for free on his Facebook page.

Parts & Labor
The title track from their new album is available to download for free, it's called, "Constant Future" and you get it here.

Ashley Park
Aberdonian singer-song writer has posted a whole load of material for free download on his Facebook.

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  1. that dodo's track is very nice indeed. i had completely forgotten about them. last time i heard them it was all drums and slide guitar.