14 January 2011

Friday Freebies

This weeks freebies was sponsored by the letter J. J is for Jim. Jim is also known as Ayetunes (or the ginger bunny) and he very kindly tipped me off about a lot of these freebies. For that I am very thankful and so should you be.

Scotland's finest post rock outfit are set to release their new album, ' Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will' next month. If you can't wait that long then you're in luck as you can now download "San Pedro" from it here.

Findo Gask
The electropop outfit might well have called it a day, but all is not lost as they've posted up their single 'Go Faster Stripe' for download on their Bandcamp. It's not necessarily a freebie, it's one of those pay what you want downloads, whether you decide to pay is up to you. Just make sure you download it, as it's a corking wee single, from a sadly missed band.

Withered Hand & Woodpigeon
Edinburgh's finest, Withered Hand sets off on UK tour with Canadian artist Woodpigeon later this month, in celebration of this they've posted up this cover they did together of Velvet Underground's 'I'm Set Free'.

The Head And The Heart
No sooner had I tipped the Seattle outfit as one of my ones to watch in 2011, then the next thing you know they've signed up to Sub Pop in the US and Heavenly for the rest of the world. Yes, that's right I am taking all the credit for it, or perhaps not. To celebrate this awesome news they're giving away a free download of their song 'Down in the Valley' on their website.

Pablo Eskimo
The Glasgow outfit posted this cracking wee video of their song Dot Dot Dot yesterday, in celebration of this momentous occasion they've made the song available to download for free. Just follow this link and use the code code fl8u-5mm3. Hey presto you've got yourself a free tune.

Last week we had FOUND doing a wee remix of King Creosote, this weeks freebie sees Kenny returning the favour. Awesome stuff. As if that wasn't enough they've also made a cracking wee remix featuring an array of artists including Bon Iver, Silver Columns and Malcolm Middleton, download it here.

Evening Chorus
For those of you with good memories, you might remember that I had the Evening Chorus as one of my ones to watch in 2010. The Welsh folk outfit might not have quite become house hold names, but they still released some pretty amazing material. This year they look as if they're going to be at it again, their new single 'No Wreath, No Crown' is sounding pretty fucking awesome to me. Download it for free here.

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
The New York experimentalists return to the UK in April for a joint tour with Rival Schools, not an evening to be missed. To mark their return RCRD LBL have made their new song 'Weight of the Sun' available for free.

French Wives
Some of you might have noticed that I have really been enjoying my weekly free downloads from those lovely French Wives. This week they've posted up their cover of Passion Pit's 'Sleepyhead' recorded for the Beeb at Rockness. I don't know for certain, but I am pretty sure that they must have downloaded it from this here blog and now here I am posting a link to download it elsewhere. I am sure there's a certain degree of irony in there too. The 'Wives have just announced a full Scottish tour for next month in support of their new 4 track EP, 'Feel Safe Small', which is due out on Mon 21st of February.

Beneath Us The Waves
This freebie came in just at the last minute, courtesy of our friend Neil Milton who goes under the name of Beneath Us The Waves. He recently came across track that he had almost no recollection of recording. Being the kind soul that he is, he's stuck it on bandcamp for folk to take if they want to.

Old Monk
The exciting new Brooklyn lo-fi outfit have made their new single 'Butter & Toast' available to download for free on their Bandcamp.

On Volcano
My partner in crimer, Jim AyeTunes posted about this Finnish band earlier in the week, if you fancy checking out what made him decide to post about a non-Scottish band then you can download their new EP for free here.

The Soft Collapse
Brookyln anti-folkers, The Soft Collapse have made their album 'Little Songs' available to download for free on their Bandcamp page, rather beautiful it is too!

The Deloreans

Download 'American Craze' from their Bandcamp.

Young Circles

Their EP 'Bear Bones' is free to download on their Bandcamp.

Male Pattern Band

Male Pattern Band stuck their first EP up as a free download here

Techinically not a freebie, as it's one of those pay what you want downloads, either way you can find 'Breezes in the Abyss' a new album for Cheer on his Bandcamp.

Bedroom Problems
There are a whole load of freebies up for grabs on their Bandcamp.

Conquering Animal Sound
RCRD LBL have a free download of Conquering Animal Sound's remix of Sea of Bees’ “Wizbot”.

The Boosts
Colin Frasers(ex-Jyrojets singer/songwriter) new project have put their first EP online for free at this link.


  1. Scott16/1/11

    ha, lloyd you are totally right, we did download it from your fine self.

    I suppose that is pretty ironic!

    Hope you're good.


    scott x

  2. That song Down In The Valley is beautiful - good tip, Peenkster!