07 January 2011

Friday Freebies

Aye Tunes
It's sad to say, but the series of 'Ayetunes vs Peenko' gigs are going on an indefinite hiatus. I am sure you're all gutted to hear that sad news, on the plus side it means that we are now both going to be putting on shows. So you'll have even more reason to get out there and enjoy some amazing new music. Jim has already lined up his first ever Ayetunes Presents gig at Stereo on the 21st of this month, featuring Boygiranimalcolour, Kochka and Trapped Mice. If you hadn't heard of any of the bands, or you just a bit curious to hear more then you're in luck as he's posted up a free sampler from each of the artists on his Bandcamp page. If you like what you hear then you can also buy yourself a ticket at the same time, just think how happy that'd make our favourite ginger bunny.

Lorraine McCauley
The former Scots Way-Hay starlet has posted up a free download of her amazing tune 'Haunt me', which was one of my favourite songs of last year. You can find it here for free, cheers to Jim for the tip.

French Wives
This week in the 7th of their Home Fires freebies, those lovely French Wives have posted a free download of 'Welcome In The Light (Robin Dunne Remix)', don't hang about as this freebie will be gone by Monday.

The Dears
The Canadian outfit are giving away a free MP3 download of new song, "Blood" from the new album Degeneration Street in exchange for your email address.

So the cat is out of the bag, my love for all things FOUND is out there on the old blogosphere. Just as I thought I couldn't like this lot anymore, they crop up with this free download of their take on King Creosote's classic, 'Leslie'. 'Mon the FOUND!

Darren Hayman
For the rest of this month, the former Hefner frontman is writing and recording a song a day and giving them all away for free for a couple of days on his Soundcloud page. If oyu missed any and want tt download them, then you can buy them on his Bandcamp.

The Line of Best Fit

Those clever little Best Fitters have only gone and done it again, they've drafted up their list of ones to watch in 2011 and rather cracking it is too. If you fancy checking out who they've tipped or big things this year, then you can get downloading tracks from an array of artists including Echo Lake, Prizes, Suuns and Guards (I have no idea who half of these fucking bands are, I guess I have to admit that my hipster days are well behind me now).

The awesome Seattle radio station offers up a free daily download, so it's defo worth checking out. This week they had free tunes from The Radio Dept, Active Child and Crocodiles. Check out what else they have on offer here.

Shambles Miller
A massive congratulations goes out to wur pal, Shambles Miller who has been accepted into this years Strummerville DIY. As part of this he had to offer one of his songs as a free download, very kindly he's made “Things That Make Me Angry” from his latest EP “Shambles Sails the Clockwork Sea available as a free download. Downloads of his track count toward that weeks top 20 downloads chart on the site, as every download gives him a better chance of getting into the chart, so do yourself and him a favour and get downloading

I know Christmas is just a distant memory now, but it's still nice to get some presents. Those lovely Madness boys are still giving away a free download of 12 songs of Madness (plus a 13th… a brand new song!) all recorded live on their recent ‘Do Not Adjust Your Nut’ UK tour.

Arran Arctic
I liked the blurb that Arran sent me about this wee freebie, so I hope he won't be too offended if I quote him on it "I wasn't planning on releasing the new single All That I Can Do until later this month, however a rather sleepless night has provided me with all the time necessary to make the track available to download for free". Once again he's come up with the good, get downloading here.

They might not be for me, but I know that some of you are fans of this lot. If you click this link you'll find a free download of them covering Porcelain Raft, and them returning the favour.

Monster Island
If you like the Fall, then this should probably be well up your street, it's a free download of Manchester's Monster Island's new EP 'The Green Room' which you'll find on their Bandcamp.

Kyla La Grange

This freebie comes courtesy of our good mate the Pop Cop, who this week posted his ones to watch in 2011. There are some pretty tasty choices in there, so make sure you give them the once over. Typically just after he'd posted his tips, he came across another artist that tickled his fancy. If you fancy checking out what got the 'Cop all excited you're in luck as Kyla La Grange has a free download up for grabs here.

I am not too sure if you are allowed to post bootlegs on Bandcamp, so this might not last too long. If you head here, then you can find yourself a free download of Radiohead live at Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh, recorded way back in 2006. Once again, thanks to Jim for the tip.

Indiana math rockers, Native are offering their first EP 'We Delete; Erase' for free on their Bandcamp

Star Slinger
Download for free the Manchester producers Rogue Cho Pa EP via Soundcloud

Lou Hickey
If you sign up to Ms Hickey's mailing list she'll send you various downloads over the next few months.

Pitchfork - "When he's not making beat-screwed, effervescent electronic pop as Baths, California-basted singer/songwriter/producer upstart Will Wiesenfeld also maintains a more ambient-focused side project, the evocatively named Geotic. Yesterday, Wiesenfeld made available his latest LP as Geotic, Mend, free of charge, at the Geotic website."

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