04 December 2010

We've Got It Covered #29

As Christmas draws ever closer it was pretty much inevitable that I was going to start posting some festive covers. I chose the songs I was going to post about a month ago, as I only have four festive posts it was a pretty easy decision. It's not as if I have taken on the enormous task of posting a Christmas song every day, that unenviable task was taking on by my good friend Jim Ayetunes. Fair play to him for doing so, I know how hard it was to do it a couple of years ago and I didn't limit myself to just Scottish acts. So fair play to Jim for that one.
Another blogger who has also decided to post a series of Christmas post, is Ed from 17 Seconds, who coincidently (I promise you it was), also posted one of the songs that I had planned to post today. That's what I get for not writing this post a lot sooner. This week we have Glasgow's finest Camera Obscura doing not one, but two covers. The first is 'The Blizzard' a song they released as festive single last year and the second is their take on the Christmas classic, 'Little Donkey'.

Camera Obscura - The Blizzard (Jim Reeves cover)

Camera Obscura - Little Donkey

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