12 December 2010

Peenko's Albums of 2010

For months now I have been mulling over my albums of 2010, not that I think it matters much in the grand scale of things, but it means something to me. This year I have decided to make things a bit easier on myself, so instead of going for my top 50 as I had done for the past two years, I am going with just ten. That I am not diluting it too much, plus I won't be boring you all with a never ending list. So here we go, here are my personal favourite albums of this past twelve months.....

10. The Last Battle - Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea

For years Edinburgh was deemed to be Glasgow's poorer cousin when it came to music. Music venues across the city seem to be dropping like flies, which is kind of ironic given the number of of amazing bands the city now has. One such act that really struck a chord with me this year were the foclk-rock outfit, the Last Battle, who's debut album, 'Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea' lived up to a lot of the hype that surrounded them at the start of the year. The album was put out by my fellow blogger, Ed from 17 Seconds, and it's an absolute corker of a record.

The Last Battle - Lifejackets

9. Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers - Home and the Wildhunt

This album actually passed me by when it first came out, it was only a few months after it's release that I bought it on a whim off ebay. More often than not my impulse purchases turn out to be pretty mince, but in this case I really felt as if I had struck gold. In 'Home and the Wildhunt' there are elements of folk, country and Americana, but for me this essentially a pop record a very good one at that.

Woodenbox With A Fist Full Of Fivers - Twisted Mile

8. Jónsi - Go

I may well predominantly blog about Scottish music, but that's not to say that I am not receptive to things from the outside world. Nowadays I am much more receptive to tip off's from my fellow bloggers and the like. This album came to my attention purely because Halina from Glasgow Podcart continued to rave about it so much on twitter that I couldn't not check it out
Having not been a massive fan of Sigur Ros, I was surprised just how much I liked this album. Although I have no idea what's being sung, it's a truly uplifting album that sucks you in and demands repeated listening. Gorgeous stuff.

Jónsi - Go Do

7. The National - High Violet

I think i was pretty much the only person that didn't rave abut this album when it first came out, on my first few listens it just didn't sit quite right with me. But seeing as everyone man and his dug, seemed to be creaming their pants over it, I persisted on with it. I am glad I did as once it 'clicked' I soon understood what all the fuss about and soon felt very foolish. I should also add that their concert in Glasgow the other week was by far and away the best gig I went to all year.

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

6. The Scottish Enlightenment - St. Thomas

In terms of what's going in the music scene at the moment, there really is nobody else who sounds like the Scottish Enlightenment, to me their music is almost dream like. Having released their Little Sleep and Pascal EP's through the fabulous Armellodie Records, I must admit that I was already looking forward to the release of this album months before it came out. Let's just it didn't disappoint.

The Scottish Enlightenment - Little Sleep

5. The Unwinding Hours - s/t

The demise of Aerogramme was a real loss to the Scottish music scene, so when Craig B and Iain Cook decided to make a come back with their new outfit, The Unwinding Hours, it was a more than welcome return. Their self titled album has the power to bring you to tears whilst also deafening you at the same time. That' s quite an achievement I'd say.

The Unwinding Hours - Knut

4. RM Hubbert - First & Last

So here's the album that really took me by surprise in 2010, not in a million years did I ever think that I would find myself raving about post-rock flamenco music based on songs about death and depression. I guess that's why I love doing what I do, yes the subject matter might sound pretty hard going, but in First & Last, Glasgow's very own RM Hubbert crafted an album of beauty, it was the CD that I always looked out for as my comfort album. Sometimes it is almost heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time, if you are looking for that little hidden gem of an album that might have passed you by, then look no further.

3. Admiral Fallow - Boots Met My Face

In Scotland we are pretty fucking spoiled with the number of amazing artists that we have, although it could be argued that we don't see these artists going on and breaking through to the 'mainstream'. Frightened Rabbit are the latest band to have started to make some headway nad gain the attention they deserve. In 2011, I fully expect Admiral Fallow to follow suit. 'Boots Met My Face' is absolute corker of an album,which is even more stunning when you see the band playing it love. Their sombre folk tunes are what the radio is crying out for, expect big things from this lot next year, they certainly deserve it.

Admiral Fallow - Subbuteo

2. Kid Canaveral - Shouting At Wildlife

'Be careful what you wish for', whoever came up with the phrase is an arse.

Last year at the Homegame Festival I vaguely remember berating David from Kid Canaveral about them not having an album for me to buy. At the time I remember staggering off, whilst David defended himself by pointing out that these things take time and they were working on it. In my Red-Stripe' fuelled state, I drunkenly dismissed this as pure laziness. Actually I don't think I ever apologised for that, so if you're reading this David, I am sorry. Not overly sorry, I should add as you still took fecking ages to get this out.
So I am sure you have already guessed, it was worth the wait and then some. In 'Shouting AT Wildlife', Kid Canaveral have crafted an album that is full of catchy little pop numbers, with a dry sense of wit. It's not all pop though, in 'Her Hair Hangs Down', the Kid's have produced one of the most beautiful songs you are likely to hear all year.
It's 'And Another Thing!!' that really does it for me though, I have listened to that song an unhealthy number of times this year, it is by far and away my tune of the year.

Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing!!

1. The Phantom Band - The Wants

This might well have been a predictable choice for me as my album of 2010, but fuck me does it deserve to be sitting pretty at the top of the pile. The most exciting band in Scotland have followed up their debut album, 'Checkmate Savage' with an album which is superior on all counts.
If ever there was a sound of Scotland in 2010 then this would be it. In years to come I am sure that this will be held as a Scottish classic album, deservedly so. Here's hoping that they continue to produce an album as good as this every year.

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