23 December 2010

Idlewild - Box Set, STV Studio Recording

Track Listing
1. Listen to what you've got
2. Interview
3. A film for the future
4. I am a message
5. Little discourage
6. These wooden ideas
7. Captain
8. Satan Polaroid
9. Interview
10. I don't have the heart
11. Actually its darkness
12. Everyone says you're so fragile
13. Roseability
14. When i argue i see shapes
15. Mistake pageant
16. Interview
17. Safe and sound
18. You just have to be who you are
19. 4 people do good



  1. thanx for this

    when was this broadcast? do you have the video?

  2. not sure, I'm afraid i don't have a copy of the video. It was a friend that passed it across to me

  3. ive got half of it on vhs, but sadly i accidently taped over 2nd half years ago! still gutted 10 years on! lol

  4. Anonymous26/12/10

    Boxed Set STV Studios, Glasgow