17 December 2010

Friday Freebies

Call To Mind
Kicking this weeks freebies off, we have a cracking wee festive tune from those fabulous Call To Mind boys. You can download their gorgeous wee tune, 'Learning Alone Again (Merry Christmas)' for nowt on their Soundcloud page. If their debut album which is pencilled in for some time next year is half as good as this then we're in for a right treat.

Zoey Van Goey
I am sure that I am not alone in looking forward to the forthcoming Zoey Van Goey's album 'Propeller Versus Wings'. Well as a wee taster of what you can expect to hear they've posted up new song 'My Aviator' taken from it for free on their Bandcamp.

Beach House
The dream pop outfit recorded a holiday song a few days ago, you can download their holiday gift for free here.

Duncan and the Ex-Teens
It really feels as if a new Dananananaykroyd side project crops every week at the moment. You'd think they'd be busy enough as it is, what with sunning it up in LA recording their new album. But being the creative bunch that they are they continue to produce amazing tunes, the latest side project comes from Duncan who has posted up his EP 'Songs, I Know' on Bandcamp.

French Wives
It's the fifth week in the series of Home Fires posts from those lovely French Wives, this week they're giving away 'Small Time Crooks'. Apparently this is a long lost French Wives song that they don't really play any more for 2 reasons: 1. they don't really like it and 2. it's quite difficult to play. They sound like pretty good reasons to me. You can download the tune here.

Gargleblast Records
"Available digitally for the first time, a one-off Xmas EP featuring exclusive recordings by De Rosa, Foxface and Pan. Originally a CD-R release, one hundred hand made copies were given away at the Gargleblast Christmas party in 2007". Download it here.

Chemikal Underground

Not signed up to the Chemikal Underground mailing list yet, then you are a nugget. As it's fucking ace and every month you get free stuff, cause they're dead nice. This month they're giving away a free download of a wee compilation called 'A Chemikal Xmas Present' - With Thanks And Love'. You'll find that and plenty of other free downloads here.

As a wee Christmas gift REM are giving away a free download of their new track 'Discoverer', to get it all you have to do is give them your email address.

It's week 12 of FOUND's Free Friday series in the build up to the release of their third album in March. As always I have no idea what it's going to be, but I am sure it'll be cracking as always.

Having release a corer of an album last month, Andrew from Swimmer One has decided to giev away some free tunes from his side project every other week. Kicking it all off you can download one of his old demo's 'Fanbloodytastic' for free on his Bandcamp.

Ye another band giving away a wee festive tune for free are those lovely Otherpeople, quite possibly the hardest band to google ever. Thankfully though you don't have to go hunting for their tunes as you can get their Christmas song '2 zero double 1 (the festive song)' for free here. Rather good it is too.

My Cousin I Bid You Farewell

There is a free download of My Cousin I Bid You Farewell's song, 'I'm Yours' up for free download on their Bandcamp Be quick mind as it's only going to be up for a wee while longer.

I've always been a sucker for things that are a bit ramshackle, Hectares EP 'The Zooey Deschanel Pity Fuck Adventure Dream' certainly falls into that bracket. Plus that's possibly the greatest release title I've seen all year. You can download it for free on their Bandcamp.

The Forest & The Trees
The Swedish duo have posted up a cracking wee festive number, 'Santa Claus is coming' for free on their Bandcamp. I fully guarantee this song will put a huge grin on yer chops.

Toro y Moi
Here's one for all you hipsters, it's a free download of a new track from the forthcoming Toro y Moi album, it's called 'Still Sound' and you can find it here.

Stray Kites
Lo-fi duo, Stray Kits have a cracking wee album called 'One Day, Earth Time' up for free download on their Bandcamp. It kind of reminds me a wee bit of some of Adam Green of Moldy Peaches fame. Which is all good in my book.

Miss the Occupier

You can download the spiky indie pop trio's song 'All Day' for free here.

The Mountain Goats

Stereogum have a free download of new Mountain Goats track, 'Tyler Lambert’s Grave, you can find it here.

Another act getting with a festive tune to share are Glasgow's very own Gorman, who's tune 'Snow' is available to download for free here.

Idiot Glee
Fans of Perfume Genius take note as this will probably be right up your street. There is a free EP called An Idiot Glee Christmas up for grabs here.

Clockwork Radio
The Manchester based band, with members coming from North Wales and Egypt have just released their second, The Soul Harmonic EP and yep you guess it, it's free. Kudos goes out to Oh So Fresh for the tip, nice find.

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

It feels like ages since I've posted the last Kowalskiy EP, but it's been more than worth the wait. This month he's got exclusive tracks from Dirty Cuts, Johnny Reb, The Parrifins, Mamoeth and Thirty Pounds of Bone. Download them all here for free here.

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