03 December 2010

Friday Freebies

Those of you who pay attention might remember that I posted a session from this up and coming Edinburgh outfit just last week. Well if you liked what you heard or it passed you by, then fear not as their debut single "Hello World", has just been released as a free digital download. The band play live at King Tuts on the 16th supporting the fabulous Come On Gang!

It's 10 years since 100 Broken Windows came out, that makes me seriously old. I guess the band probably feel the same, it feels like ages since I last gave the 'wild a listen, I am starting to feel pretty nostalgic in my old age so I am going to make the effort to dig out their old albums. Anyway, enough about me on with the freebie, you can get yourself a free download of a live version of Quiet Crown in exchange for your email address here.

I don't think I am spoiling to much by admitting that the Sigur Ros frontman's solo album is going to feature pretty well this year in my albums of the year. If it wasn't for my partner in crime, Halina, I would probably never have bothered to check it out. However, as she continued to bang on about how amazing his album was I decided to take a chance on his album. I was huffed to bits that I did as it's an awesome album. If you haven't heard then I would suggest you get it added to your Christmas wish list, if you need some convincing then you can download of a new live version of his song 'New Piano Song' for free here.

How To Swim
Those crazy How To Swim kids have recorded their very own Christmas single, 'Sleighbells (Christmas Makes Me Blue)', rather good it is too. Not only that, but it's also free to download on their Bandcamp.

French Wives
In the third of their series of Home Fires posts, i.e. the ones where they give away a song for free download, those lovely French Wives have posted up 'Greet Me By The Doorway' as recorded as part of their Radio One session. You can download it for nowt here.

Clash Magazine
There is a rather nifty free download of Clash Magazines top tracks of 2010 available for free free download here. It includes tracks from LCD Soundsystem, No Age, The Phamtom Band and Avi Buffalo.

Six By Seven
I was pretty shocked to find out these guys were still going, shocked in a good way I might add. Their debut album 'The Things We Make' was particular favourite of mine back in 1998, then they just kind of disappeared off my radar. So I was pretty chuffed when I found that not only are they still going, but there are also a whole load of free downloads up for grabs on their Bandcamp.

Bad Religion
This week really does find me reliving my youth, it's been donkey's since I last listened to old school punks, Bad Religion. Well now I am going to add them to my old school catch up list as they have a free live album up for grabs in exchange for your email address, download it here.

Another Friday and once again we have another freebie from those fabulous FOUND boys, as I am writing this the night before I am still in the dark as to what it will be. All I can say for sure is that it will be great and it will be free, they're good like that.

Miaoux Miaoux

In a week when pretty much all we've had to talk about is the white stuff, it feels pretty apt that I post a track called Snow. Taken from his amazing Blooms EP, if you haven't already checked out Julian Corrie's alter ego then now's the time to do some much needed catching up by downloading the track for free here.

The Savings and Loan
It feels as if I have been plugging Song By Toad a lot lately in Friday Freebies and rightly fucking so (I felt the need swear there, I put this down to Matthew's bad influence). This week he's posted up the second single from The Savings and Loan's debut album, 'Today I Need Light', which you can find here.

Gerry Loves
The fabulous new Edinburgh label are having their Christmas party next week, as part of their celebrations they've posted up a whole load of free download links from their 'alumni'.

Buffalo Tom
Another blast from the past this week, Buffalo Tom are back after an extended break, you can download a free tune from their latest offering here.

The Foreign Films
"For many years I’ve been recording, writing, and touring the world. I’ve played packed arenas, and empty bars. There’s been “next big thing” talk that quickly disperses into “next time” talk. My last band Flux A.D. splintered into some cool projects with Julie Fader and Graham Walsh having success with Feist, The Great Lake Swimmers, and Holy Fuck. I on the other hand wanted to reassess where I was and what music I wanted to make. I think the results are the best, and most fulfilling work I’ve ever been associated with. No matter the mysteries of the future, music truly is the gift that keeps on giving. At this link I have my new Fire From Spark EP free to download".

Atlas Sounds
I meant to post this last week, but somehow it got missed out, my fault sorry. There is a free download of an albums worth of material up for grabs here.

Perfume Genius
Much as my good friend Ian has tried to convince me, I am still not sold on the old Perfume Genius. Each to their own I guess, if it's your cup of tea or your just curious to find out what all the fuss is about then head over to Stereogum where you can download new track 'Dreeem' for nothing.

You can download yourself a free copy of Galleries single 'Rocket Science' for free on their homepage, while you're at it their debut EP is also up for free download.

Jack James
Someone else who is getting into the festive spirit is Jack James who has posted both of his albums up for free download on his Bandcamp page.

Kori Pop
The rather lovely Kori Pop has released a free holiday EP on Bandcamp. Here's what she had to say about it... "If the thought of holiday tunes makes you nauseous...please do not fret!! They are one-of-a-kind mixes. Two tracks were written & crafted by myself in GarageBand. The other two are from everyone's favourite Christmas shows and were recorded at a friends place". Download it here for free

The Radio Dept.
Whilst visiting New York, The Radio Dept. popped into KEXP and recorded an acoustic Piano version of Heaven's On Fire which you can now download here, for free.

The Pipettes
Those lovely Pipette ladies have posted up a new Christmas song for free download, get it here.

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