31 December 2010

Festive Freebies

Apologies for the lack of a Friday Freebies last week, I'm afraid that I got struck down by a dose of the dreaded man flu and was pretty useless to man nor beast. On the plus side I now have a double dose of free shit to share with you all, bet your chuffed to bits with that news. Either that or you don't give two fucks and are too excited about the prospect of getting hammered tonight and eating the face of random strangers. Either here's this weeks freebies........

Mitchell Museum
Those luverly Mitchell Museum kids recorded an EP especially to give to you all for Christmas, what a nice bunch they are. The tunes aren't too shabby neither, in fact I'd go as far as saying they're pretty fecking awesome. Stop what you're doing and go and download 'The Closer We Got The Harder We Fell' for free on their Bandcamp.

King Post Kitsch
I must admit that I am pretty excited about the forthcoming KPK album which is due in March on Song By Toad Records, as a wee pre-cursor of what to expect he's very kindly giving away a download of a new track called 'Movies & Magazines'. After listening to the track a couple of times it just made me want to hear the album even more, you can hear what' getting me all excited by following this link where you can download the track for free.

Not content with already having one of the greatest album you're likely to hear in 2011, those amazing FOUND boys gave away a whole albums worth of remixes last Friday. If you're quick off the mark then you might still be able to download yourself a copy. While we're on this wee FOUND-trip, I also wanted to point you in the direction of this EP that Tommy from the band recorded using car sounds, it might sound pretentious as fuck, but it's actually pretty good. It's also free (unsurprisingly) and you can find it here.

Call To Mind
For me personally, Call To Mind's debut EP was one of the most beautiful releases of this year, now they're giving it away as a free download there are no excuses for you not to check it out. With their debut album due to arrive at some point in 2011 it should be one hell of a year for these guys.

Adam Stafford
The YIFI frontman has a new solo album, 'Build a Harbour Immediately', due out early next year. As wee taster of what to expect, you can download new track 'A Temple of The Holy Ghost' for free on his Bandcamp.

King Tuts
As they did during the summer, King Tuts are running a few nights of local talent at the start of January, under the banner of New Year's Revolution. As they're getting into the festive spirit of giving stuff away fore free, they've compiled a wee compilation of some the artists they have lined up, down it in exchange for your details here.

The Darien Venture
Those lovely Darien boys are giving away their cover of the Christmas classic, 'Feed the World' as their festive gift to you all. Just right click, save and it's all yours.

How to Swim

I wouldn't even know where to start if I was to try and pigeon hole How To Swim under some kind of genre, let's just say it's not dull. If you fancy delving into the unknown then you their free festive EP, 'Santa Has All The Best Tunes' is a good starting point. It's available to download for free on their Bandcamp.

A Band Called Quinn
Louis Quinn's pop starlets have a free download of their tune 'I Wish You Love' up for grabs as part of their A Band Called Quinn Advent Calendar. Nice.

How Garbo Died
There are a whole load of goodies up for grabs for nowt on their Bandcamp page, including a festive tune which is interesting to say the least

Mariachi Eli Bronx
For one week onlry, Mariachi El Bronx are giving away a free download of their Christmas song, 'Lady Rosales', all you need to do is sign up to their mailing list and it's all yours.

Pete and the Pirates
They have posted up a new track called 'Winter 1' which you can find here.

St Etienne
Head over to RCRD LBL where you will find a free download of St. Etienne's festive song 'No Cure For The Common Christmas'

Bright Eyes
Conor Oberst is giving away a taster of what to expect from his forthcoming album The People’s Key, in the form of new track ‘Shell Games.’

Iron & Wine
Just follow this link to download “Tree By the River” from Iron & Wine’s forthcoming album Kiss Each Other Clean.

Get yourself a free download of State Of Grace by Curators here for free.

Stanley Odd
As a wee festive treat the Scottish hi-hop outfit are giving away their track 'Ten to One (Solareye Demo)' away for free on their Bandcamp.

Owen Pallett
The artist formerly known as Final Fantasy, or the guy that does the strings in Arcade Fire or the man who Poo's Clouds, however you want to know him, is giving away an EP worth of material for free here.

I am guessing most of you already know about this one, but just to be on the safe side here it is. The Gorillaz gave away a whole album's worth of material on Christmas Day, recorded over the past few months on Damon Albarn's iPad, you can download 'The Fall' here.

The Decemberists
I am pretty sure I have already posted this, but in case you missed or my mind is just playing tricks on me you can download The Decemberists new single 'Down By The Water' for free on iTunes.

Verbicide Magazine
Have a wee compilation up for grabs featuring songs from Deer Tick, Slow Club and The Hush Now, you can find it here.

Fancy a wee Yeasayer live album, then look no further as they've posted up a free download of one of their live shows. Recorded at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels on October 28th, 2010, you can download it here.

Another band giving away free live recording are the Pixies, who have posted up four from London in 2004, and one from Athens in 1989, which you can find here.

Domino Records
The influential label have a wee compilation up for grabs, including tracks from Four Tet, Steve Mason and Orange Juice. You can find it here here.

The London based folk outfit (fronted by a Scot) have posted a free download of their cover of the Pretenders classic '2000 Miles'. Download it here.

Tracey Thorn
Download yourself a free cover version of Tracey Thorn's take on the Sufjan Stevens' seasonal classic, 'Sister Winter'.

The Klaxons
If I am honest I've never seen the appeal of the Klaxons, but I am sure that some of you out there must like/have liked them at some point. In which case you might be interested in their new EP 'Landmarks of Lunacy' which they're giving away for free.

You Animals
They've put together an EP of alternate version of some of the tracks from their forthcoming debut album and they’re giving it away absolutely free.

Gizeh Records
Home to folk like Conquering Animal Sound, worriedaboutsatan and Sleepingdog, the Leeds based indie label have a free sampler up for grabs. It includes tracks from the aforementioned bands, plus a whole load of other goodies. Download it here.

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