20 November 2010

We've Got It Covered #27

Last night I did something which I haven't done for ages, which was take an evening off from dealing with emails, blogging and the Internet in general. After the craziness of the past few weeks it felt quite refreshing to be able to stuff my face with Chinese and to veg on the couch. I guess what I am trying to say in a roundabout way is that I haven't replied to a message you've sent me, it's not cause I don't love you. It's just cause I have a bit of a backlog of stuff to get through. Anyway, on with this weeks cover which comes from Meursault and their take on Daniel Johnston's 'Hey Joe'. Recorded as part of a session that they did for Vic Galloway back in May, I think this cover fits perfectly with this time of year in Scotland, enjoy....

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