13 November 2010

We've Got It Covered #26

I must apologise for the lateness of my posts in the couple of days, it's been a busy old week and the Tea Party on Thursday night disrupted my normal schedule some what. Boy was it worth it though, if you haven't been to the Hidden Lane Cafe before I'd urge you to make the effort to hunt it down. You have no idea how nice it was to have the smell of freshly baked cakes wafting around a venue as opposed to the normal smelly BO and farts. It went so well that we plan to do another one in the new year, provided that Kirsty who owns the place, lets us back. I think we were all pretty well behaved, apart from Boab who knocked a shed load of pretty cup cakes over.

Anyway, enough of what I've been up to this week on with this weeks cover version, which comes from former De Rosa frontman, Martin John Henry. I am pretty sure that I have bored you before with how sad I was to see his old band call it a day, on the plus side though Martin has been busy working away on his debut album, which is due out some time next year. If the demos that he's been posting up are anything to go by then we should be in for a treat.
Until then you can wet your appetite with this cover of Tom Waits 'Rain Dogs'.

Martin John Henry - Rain Dogs (Tom Waits cover)

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