28 November 2010

Weekly Round Up (28/11/10)

Monday - Verse Metrics kicked off the week with some Fresh Meat action
Tuesday - there was a distinct lack of sessions this week, but thanks to my mate Tom we had this cracking live recording of Idlewild in Shetland
Wednesday - the fabulous Lorraine McCauley was my 43rd entry into the Scots Way-Hay club
Thursday - I had a live recording of Frightened Rabbit in San Francisco
Friday - after a bit of a lull over the past few weeks, Friday Freebies was back with a bit of a bang, highlights included tracks from Admiral Fallow, Thirty Pounds of Bone and Mogwai.
Saturday - Wooden Box With a Fistful of Fivers, Woodenbox With A Fist Full Of Fivers took on Lady Gaga in We've Got It Covered.

(sorry there are no links this week, normal service will be resumed next week)

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

Once again I am pretty low on news this week, I am away up north visiting my folks this weekend so I haven't had much of a chance to have a hunt about find out what's going on. The only thing I have to report is that my fellow Scottish music blogger, The Daily Dose Sir William Swales of Define Pop promotions have teamed up to put on a gig at the 13th Note in Glasgow on Tuesday (2nd). The line-up is: Super Adventure Club, PAWS, Hagana, Rollor, with doors at 8pm, tickets are £5.

I promise I'll have more for you next week....

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