14 November 2010

Weekly Round Up (11/14/10)

Monday - the week kicked off in style with some Fresh Meat action from the Lost Generation
Tuesday - Broken Records recorded an amazing wee session for 6Music,
Wednesday - Esperi charmed us all with his gorgeous tunes, he also became the 41st entry into the Scots Way-Hay club
Thursday - Edwyn Collins was in doing a wee session for 6Music
Friday - this weeks Freebies was slightly delayed due to the Tea Party the night before, it was worth the wait though as there some class tunes from Ash, Telekenisis!, Esperi, Martin John Henry and Miss the Occupier
Saturday - Martin John Henry covering Tom Waits in We've Got It Covered

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

As I have been rushing about like a dafty this past week I am a bit behind on all things newsworthy. Thursdays Tea Party at the Hidden Lane Cafe took up a lot of my week, we had a few last minute near disasters. At one point Sean and myself were without a mixing desk and a PA and that was less than 24 hours until the gig was due to take place. Thankfully though Boab from Campfires stepped in at the last minute to save the day.
In the end it turned into a really special evening, Burnt Island and Ghost Pants were both awesome. Sean has already shown me a couple of the recordings and they sound so so good, I honestly can't to share them with you all. I am trying not to mention too much about it just now for fear of repeating myself when it comes round to actually posting the sessions. So I am going to stop talking about the sessions and instead I am going to start raving on about what could quite possibly be the most exciting project I have ever been involved in.
Yes tomorrow ladies and gents, is the big launch day of Olive Grove Records. For those of you who don't already know, myself and the lovely Halina Rifai, from Glasgow Podcart have teamed up to form our own wee record label. Our aim is to support local talent to the best of our abilities, with all profits (if we make any) going directly to the artist. Yes, you read that right. We are indeed going to work our backsides off for nothing purely to support some great artists that we believe deserve your attention.

Our first release is due out tomorrow, as in Monday tomorrow. Scary McBeans! If you didn't already know it's going to be Randolph's Leap's new EP 'Battleships and Kettle Chips' and it's an absolute corker. You don't have to take my word for it, check out this review from today's Sunday Herald....

You can imagine the reaction in the Peenko household after I read that, yes there was squealing and tears and even a little poop, and that's without taking Erin (Peenko Jnr) into consideration.
In short I was pretty fucking pleased! So as of tomorrow it's time for us to step out in the big bad world, the only thing I can compare it to is that feeling that your parents had when they first send a child to school. It's not that I don't think they'll fit in and make friends, I am just nervous and excited. I really just want to see them do as well as I think they can.

The release isn't officially due out until tomorrow, but we thought we'd give you all a chance to have a listen and make your own mind up by posting this Bandcamp link.
I should point out that there are only 100 CD's, which were all handmade. I can vouch for this as it was me that sat and glued them all together, which took a lot longer than you'd think.
There is also a Sooper Dooper package on offer too, which includes the EP, a hand knitted woolen sleeve, a frisbee, a tote bag and a t-shirt. There are only ten of these on offer, so if you want you'll have to be quick.

Randolph's Leap launch the EP with a special celebratory gig at the Captains Rest on Thursday coming. The gig itself is free, with support from Inspector Tapehead and Blochestra. It is going to be quite a night for all of us, so it would be great to see some familiar faces coming along for the evening. If you are planning on coming along, make sure you get there nice and early to avoid disappointment

Before I go, I should also point out that the Olive Grove Records website will officially launch tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes peeled for it launching, i.e. watch me and Halina getting very over excited on our own sites, twitter and facebook.

Stick with us, it's going to be one hell of a ride!

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