05 November 2010

Under Six Hours Till Ayetunes vs Peenko 3

In just under six hours from now the doors will open at the Classic Grand for what is undoubtedly going to be the greatest gig in the country today. If you're not coming along then you better have a good excuse for your non attendance, "I'm going to Glasgow Green to stand in the pishing rain watching fireworks" will not suffice.

Here's some unconvincing reasons why you really should come along:

1. Seriously have you seen the line up that we have in store?
2. If you dare to venture out to a fireworks show then you are vastly increasing your chances of getting soaked/having bodily parts blown off (yes, I am starting to fight dirty)
3. I am just about to go the shops to buy a shed load of lollipops for you all. This might sound a bit wrong, but trust me after a couple of drink you'll reckon it's the best idea ever
4. You'll make me very happy
5. If you don't come Jim 'Ayetunes' will cry. Actually he'll probably do that anyway. So you can come and point and laugh at him.

In the unlikely event that you've forgotten who's playing, here's a quick reminder

The Seventeenth Century - quite possibly the greatest live band in Scotland at the moment. No bullshit, watching their lead singer batter the hell out of his violin kicks the arse out of any pishy firework display.

Come On Gang! - they're tight as fuck, they play super catchy pop tunes and most importantly they put a huge 'fuck off smile' on y face. If you were lucky enough to catch them at the List's 25 birthday bash you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

I Build Collapsible Mountains
- I saw him make his first Glasgow performance as IBCM last night at the Liquid Ship, it was a truly stunning experience. If you want to understand why I chose to put out his first release then get yourself along nice and early. It'll all make sense after you hear him.

Right so that's about us, doors tonight are at seven, with I Build Collapsible Mountains due on just after half past. It would mean a lot to us both if you came down

Lloyd x