09 November 2010

Saturday Night Fun - Define Pop Festival3

There are certain moments that define your life, it's the little things that tend to stick with you. One such moment for me was the last Define Pop festival at the Flying Duck, yes I got drunk, saw lots of great bands and danced like a total fanny (there is video evidence of this, but I'll be fucked if I am going to actively share it with you). More importantly for me it was a day were I got to meet and make friends with a lot of great people. If I hadn't been there, then I am pretty sure that I wouldn't know half of the folk that I do now. I guess to a certain extent that if I hadn't been there I wouldn't be doing half the things I am now, if it wasn't for Define Pop.
If that doesn't sell Define Pop 3 to you this Saturday (the 13th of November), then I guess I should also point out that Wull who organises it has got a cracking wee line up in store for this years festival. Here's what he's announced so far...

Tango In The Attic,
Trapped In Kansas,
The Machine Room, Epic 26,
The Ghosties,
Aspen Tide,
So Many Animal Calls,
Little Yellow Ukuleles,
Campfires In Winter,
I Build Collapsible Mountains,
The Hundred Metre Club,
Keep It Secret,
Indigo Central
With more acts still to be announced!

The festival is spread over three venues, Pivo Pivo, Stereo and The Admiral, tickets are only £7, which allows you to move from venue to venue. You can buy tickets from Define Pop Big Cartel and through Ticket Scotland. Last year was awesome fun, this year promises to be the same.

Tango In The Attic - Off To...

Trapped In Kansas - Our Bodies On Fire
Aspen Tide - Colours
So Many Animal Calls - We Can Sleep Back To Back
Little Yellow Ukuleles - Discopants
Campfires In Winter - They Looked Just Like Fallen Leaves
I Build Collapsible Mountains - Rails

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  1. Anonymous11/11/10

    hello you can hear the machine room's tunes here


    come see us at pivo pivo if you like 10pm