30 November 2010

Over the Wall - Fresh Air Session (13/11/10)

I must admit that it at the moment I am finding it a bit tricky to come up with a post for every day of the week. This is mainly because of the lack of radio sessions available for me to rip, I am getting quite picky in my old age. Thankfully though help is it at hand, thanks to a lovely chap by the name of Brian Pokora, who is very kindly going to be letting me post an array of sessions that he recorded for his show on Fresh Air. Kicking it all off we have the Over the Wall boys, but before we go on with the tunes here's Brian to tell you a bit more about the show, this session and how to get in touch with the show....

"This semester has seen the start of a new music show on fresh air. Myself and Charlotte who run Found In Sound on freshair.org.uk have been focussed on playing the best new music in Scotland and bringing our listeners sessions from some of the best bands around. Having these great bands in to play some stripped back sessions has resulted in a new weekly segment here on Peenko where we'll be posting the latest tracks from the fresh air studio. We've got even excellent bands coming up on the show over the next few months so you can check us out here, on our own blog Found In Sound or live on freshair.org.uk every Sunday 2 til 3 during term. If you'd like to get in touch you can contact us at foundinsound@ymail.com
Our first session comes from Over The Wall, the Glasgow duo have just released their debut album 'Treacherous' and I must say it is very good! We had a great time recording the session with the guys and along with songs from the new album we had a few exclusives. These were a special a cappella version of the track 'A History of British Welfarism 1945-1984' and 'Coming Home' which as far as I can tell, we have the first recording of. Enjoy!"

Track Listing
1. Thurso
2. Shifts
3. A History of British Welfarism 1945-1984
4. The Crucible
5. Coming Home


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