23 November 2010

Idlewild - Support Your Local Poet - North Star Centre, Shetland Isles 30-05-02

Track Listing
1. Shetland Interview
2. (I am) What I am Not
3. Little Discourage
4. You Held the World in Your Arms
5. I Am A Message
6. Idea Track
7. These Wooden Ideas
8. American English
9. When I Argue I See Shapes
10. Century After Century
11. I Am Happy To Be Here Tonight
12. Rusty
13. Stay The Same
14. Roseability
15. In A Remote Part
16. A Film For The Future


A Massive Thank You goes out to Tom for sending me this over, you're a star fella!

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  1. thank you

    does anyone have any recordings of the band at Dunfermline's Carnegie Hall 2008 and Edinburgh Picture House 2010 at Haddow Fest