12 November 2010

Friday Freebies

For a limited time, the online retailer is giving away over 150 albums for free, a lot of is pish, but there are some cracking wee samplers to be found, including albums from Saddle Creek and tunes from The Morning Benders and Girls.

Define Pop EP
Our fellow blogger mate Kowalsikiy of Kompimentary Korner fame has knocked up a cracking free in celebration of tomorrow's Define Pop festival. If you want some free tracks from Tango in the Attic, Little Yellow Ukuleles, I Build Collapsible Mountains, Aspen Tide, So Many Animal Calls and Campfires in Winter, then look no further.

On Wednesday I had Mr Esperi as my Scots Way-Hay starlet for the week, if you liked what you heard then check out this free download of his song 'Dialled'.

Mrs Peenko got to go and see these boys on Tuesday there, apparently it was amazing. I wouldn't know as I was on babysitting duties on my own for the first time. Thankfully we both lived to tell the tale. The band are set to play a big gig down in London Town, to celebrate they're giving away some tracks, one from them and one from each of their support acts, The Crimea and The Lines, get it here.

Their self titled debut album was one of my favourite releases of last year, a class find from the now defunct and sadly missed Planet Sound (the music page that was on Teletext). Anyway, the band are due to release their second album early next year, as a taster of what to expect you can download new track 'Car Crash' for free here.

Night Noise Team
The Edinburgh outfits new single, 'Burning' came out on Monday, keeping with the theme of continuing to surprise folk, the band seem to have shed their 'dance pop' sound and taken on a Joy Division-esq sound. It's up for download as one of those 'Name Your Price' deals, which you can download from their bandcamp. To celebrate it's release the band have made their two previous singles 'Menolick' and 'You Won' available to downloaded for free.

Martin John Henry

Our friend Mike up at Manic Pop Thrills celebrated his 500th blog post in style this week with a wee interview with former De Rosa front man, Martin John Henry. It's a cracking a wee read, which should check out (once you've finished on here that is). He also alerted me to a cracking free download of Martin's electro take on his former bands song ‘All Saints Day’, cleverly changed to 'All Saintz Dayz'.

Maxwell Panther
You might remember me posting about Maxwell Panther a while back, he's a Mackem and he's signed to Song By Toad Records. He was all celebrating a special occasion this week, I can't for the life of me remember what it was, birthday? Barmitzva? Whatever it was, he's decided to celebrate in style by putting all of his back catalogue up for free download.

Miss the Occupier
The female led punk trio and also Scots Way-Hay club members have already promised us that they'll be back with new tunes early next year, until then you can quench your thirst with this free download of new song 'All Day'

Another Scots Way-Hay band that have posted up a free tune for your listening pleasure are the fabulous Zoobizaretta who have made their track 'Something New' available for free download.

Jonathan Sebastian Knight
The My Cousin I Bid You Farewell frontman has posted a couple of live recordings of him playing at Tchai-Ovna, get em here.

The Rock of Travolta
I hadn't heard of this band in years, I remember hearing a lot about them about 4 or 5 years ago, then nothing. That's possibly because I disappeared up my big Scottish arse. Anyway, they have a free tune up for grabs in exchange for your email address.

The Lost Generation
They kicked this week off as my Fresh Meat victims, if you liked what you heard or you missed the post then you can check them out now by downloading their tune 'Lose Your Love' for nowt here.

Darren Hayman
The former Hefner frontman has posted a free download of his song, 'When the King Enjoy's His Own Again ' which you can find here.

Cloud Nothings
There is a free download of their song 'Understand at All' over on the NME's website.

Murder Mystery
A very late addition to this weeks freebies comes from New York outfit, Murder Mystery, who have posted up their new single, 'Problems' up for free download. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but they describe it as'Aphex Twin meets Madonna', sounds fucking mental to me.

They have an EP called 'Panaka' available for free download on their Bandcamp.

Here's another band that got in touch to let me know that they have a wee freebie up for grabs, this one comes from Toronto outfit, Wildlife, who have three free songs on their Bandcamp.

Derek Webb

You can download his 'What Matters More' EP here.

Black International
There are a couple of tracks up for free download on their Bandcamp.

Pherranda Knightes
Download 5 Track EP Pherranda Knightes for free here.

North Atlantic Oscillation
I am not normally one to miss sessions, but their last session on the Beeb completely passed me by, thankfully though the are giving it away as a free download.

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  1. Thanks, Lloyd.

    I always really appreciate these. Especially the Telekinesis track, I fucking loved their last album.