08 November 2010

Fresh Meat Monday - The Lost Generation

Would you care to introduce yourself?

Hi Lloyd, I'm Mike Clark, I do vocals and guitar, and have sex for Fife alt. rock band The Lost Generation

How would you describe the music you make?

Sheesh... erm thats a toughy like..You can tell I have no idea of what to answer for this. I think people will take their own views really when they have a listen, describing your own music is like choosing your own nick-name, and if that was the case my mate wouldn't be called skids would he? I really think it should be for listeners to describe. I'm sure it's pretty attractive, and if I saw it out in a club one night, I'd probably have a bash at eyeing it up on the dancefloor. I mean... just look at its shoes... mmm.

How did you start out making music?

I started out making music from my mid teens, ever since I got told I was shite at music at school and got binned on the xylophone and casio keyboard I kind of took the humph and never really decided I would get a guitar until I left at 16. My dad then learned me the usual House Of The Rising Sun, and other sorts and then left me to it. Through the next few years I met up with Malc who'd been kicked out one of my other mates bands for falling out with the singer, and Martin was a lighting tech we met through a youth music project. Its pretty much been all go since then.

What process goes into the way you write songs?

All different really, sometimes I just let the songs write themselves, I know that sounds really arsey, but sometimes it is better to not think too much about something and just let it happen. Sometimes through Jamming with the band, other times if i think i have a really good lyric or hook i'll try to write something around it. I also completely disagree with the whole fashionista method of writing, I mean who cares what's in at the time? The less you give a shit about how people will react to your music the more honest I think it will be.

What can people expect from your live shows?

Nothing flamboyant, probably just a bunch of lads pouring their hearts into their music squeezed onto a dingy stage in some rat infested club, wondering why they got no rider or pay when it cost them £30 in travel to bring their shit to do the gig in the first place.
That and an extremely sexy front-man, who wipes his bum standing up.

What are you all listening to at the moment?

I listen to all sorts of stuff, like anyone Lloyd i think that depending on the mood your in and where you are in a certain moment depends on what you fancy baring your ears to. What I'll do is tell you what Ive listened to in the last couple of days if thats ok?
Buffalo Springfield, Cream,The Dead Weather, Dire Straits (guilty pleasure!), Eagles of Death Metal, The Kull (ace nottingham band, still unsigned, their album Transference is amazing - you should buy it) BRMC, Queens of the stone age (rated R is by far my favourite album), I also really like The Duke Spirit, and I'm pretty surprised they never went huge when their single "the step and the walk" came out. I could listen to that record all day.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the near future?

Well, we have our first album "Pure Barry Discoteck" coming out on Nov 14th, which is available through all the usual download stores (iTunes, spotify etc) as well as in physical format at our live gigs. We also have the club NME show at KOKO at the start of next year to co-incide with a single release, as well as a few gigs around Scotland through the rest of the year - you can check myspace.com/thelostgeneration for updates on these, or search for us on facebook "The Lost Generation (Ofiicial)" to keep updated with any future releases, and sexual activity.


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