05 October 2010

Win tickets to see The Unwinding Hours in Glasgow

In just under two weeks The Unwinding Hours will be playing their last Scottish gig for 2010. Having released one the albums of the year, the band are set to play a one off gig in The Auditorium at Oran Mor in Glasgow. And as if that wasn't special enough, the band will also be joined for the evening by The Twilight Sad (playing an acoustic set) and RM Hubbert. The evening promises to be a real one off. If you've never been upstairs in Oran Mor, then trust me it's quite a spectacular venue. Having only ever been there for weddings, I must admit that I was pretty excited when I found out about the gig. Then they went and added two of my favourite artists to the bill, making it arguably the finest line up of 2010.
I managed to catch a few words with Iain from the band to ask him a few questions about the gig, his feelings on his return to music and the chances of any collaborations on the night.

Is this your last Scottish gig for 2010? What can we expect to see/hear?

At the moment, the Oran Mor gig is our last planned Scottish gig for 2010. After the show and a short European tour in October, we have no plans other than going to ground and continuing the writing process for the second album. We have no idea how long this is going to take and it certainly won't be hurried but new ideas are flying about quite readily at this early stage.

We are both really looking forward to the show on the 17th, it's such a beautiful room. In particular, I am looking forward to hearing RM Hubbert and the Twilight Sad boys doing their thing. It might be too early to say but we are hopefully going to be playing a new song too. Having said that, we haven't even rehearsed it once yet so it could all fall apart before the show! Give us something to aim for at least.

Having taken a bit of a hiatus from playing music, are you happy with what you achieved with the band?

It's strange to think about the time between the break up of Aereogramme and the first live performance of The Unwinding Hours. I had well and truly had enough of touring and playing live. It just wasn't going well any more and it was becoming increasingly painful to go through that over and over again, so I was very glad of the hiatus. When it started looking more likely that the new project would become a live act, Craig and I discussed the terms of our engagement and redefined our expectations in such a way that meant we would never retread the steps that led us to being in a negative place with our music. This basically means that we decided to do everything at our own speed, on our own terms with no pressure from outside or each other to spends weeks and months on end touring. We have a great relationship with Chemikal Underground that allows us to work in this environment. They have been so understanding and supportive of our chosen methods where other labels might just have sent us away. So to answer your question, I am very happy with what we have achieved with this band so far and I am really looking forward to the upcoming writing and recording process however long that may take!

Are you going to be playing your cover of Sparklehorse's 'Spirit Ditch' with RM Hubbert?

I don't know if we will play the Spirit Ditch cover, but it's a possibility and the gig would be a great opportunity to do that. Sorry for being non-committal, I genuinely don't know.

<a href="http://thesteinbergprinciple.bandcamp.com/track/spirit-ditch-by-the-unwinding-hours-rm-hubbert">Spirit Ditch by The Unwinding Hours &amp; RM Hubbert by The Steinberg Principle</a>

Not being one to let a question go unanswered, I decided to get in touch with RM 'Hubby' Hubbert to ask him the same question....."I honestly don't know! It is definitely a possibility..."

So there you have it kids, it's a definite possibility - the old Peenko magic never fails!

If you haven't already bought a ticket for this one, I would strongly recommend that you get your finger oot! You can pick them up at Ticket Scotland and Ticketweb.

However, if you're feeling lucky then and you haven't already got yourself a ticket, then now is your chance to win yourself a pair. Originally I had asked Iain from the band to set the question, he came up with the following:

Name the 4 fictional beverage related characters that were listed in the sleeve notes to Aereogramme's "A Story in White"?

I am sure most of you will agree, that's a pretty tough question. So I decided to go with something a little less taxing for you, if you fancy winning a pair of tickets just answer the following:

What is the name of the label that The Unwinding Hours released their debut self-titled album this year?

E-mail answers to me at peenkoblog@gmail.com with 'Competition' in the subject header. The competition closes at 8pm on Monday the 11th of October, with the winner being informed soon after.

The Unwinding Hours-Child (Vic Galloway session)

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