30 October 2010

We've Got It Covered #24

Less than a week to go kids, yes, the third in the series of Ayetunes vs Peenko gigs is this coming Friday. If you're not coming and you don't have a decent excuse, e.g. you don't live in Scotland, you don't like Jim, etc, then I expect to see you making the effort to come along. I'll be disappointed if you don't make the effort to come along, yes, I am trying to guilt trip you into coming. I am particularly looking forward to this one, as not only do we have three amazing bands and a much bigger venue, the pair of us are also free to enjoy the gig. As we're hiring someone to sit at the door and collect the pennies. Rumours that we didn't want Jim scaring the kids away remain unfounded.
Anyway, in anticipation of the big day, here's the Seventeenth Century's take on Take That. Whether they'll be playing it next Friday remains a mystery....

The Seventeenth Century - Patience (Take That Cover)