16 October 2010

We've Got It Covered #22

You might have noticed tat I have there has been just a few mentions of I Build Collapsible Mountains on the site this week. Justifiably so I reckon, it's not every day that I get to be involved in putting a record out. Around this time last week I had a wee thought that it might be fun to ask Luke (that'll be Mr Mountain to you guys) whether he fancied recording a cover version for me at some point. Not one to turn a challenge down, he soon got on the case and within 2 days he came back to me with this cover of Sebadoh's 'Spoiled' which featured on the soundtrack to the film 'Kids'. Apparently he recorded a few covers of some Girls Aloud songs which didn't make the cut. What I was more amazed by was that hew told me he didn't have to look the lyrics up as he knew all the words already....

I Build Collapsible Mountains - Spoiled (Sebadoh cover)

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