31 October 2010

Weekly Round Up (31/10/10)

Monday - Amy Duncan kicked the week off with some Fresh Meat action
Tuesday - Steve Mason and A Band Called Quinn sessions
Wednesday - Inverness post-rockers, Shutter took on some Scots Way-Hay action and I also let you know about a couple of exciting new projects which I am involved in.
Thursday - I had quite a few sessions up for download, Cancel the Astronauts, Isobel Campbell and the Twilight Sad all did there bit. The good folk from Off the Beaten Tracks also did some Community Service
Friday - this weeks Freebies included tunes from Le Reno Amps, Tapes 'n Tapes, Remember Remember and FOUND
Saturday - didn't get tickets to see Take That, then why not console yourself with the Seventeenth Century's cover of Patience, did I mention that they're also playing at AvP3 next Friday? Apparently tickets for that are a bit easier to get your hands on...

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

So the week of THE big gig has finally arrived, Ayetunes vs Peenko 3 is back and this time it's personal (no I have no idea where I'm going with that either). If you haven't already got yourself a ticket sorted what's been stopping you?! In the unlikely event that you don't know who we've got lined up, it's the Seventeenth Century, Come On Gang! and I Build Collapsible Mountains. It's going to be awesome sauce! It's this Friday night, it's only £6, it all kicks off at 7pm at the Classic Grand. We'd love to see some familiar and some unfamiliar faces coming down for the evening. There will of course be the usual free sweets on offer from this bearded twat - man that just sounds plain wrong. I should think these things through more in my head before I say them.....

On Thursday night, Elba Sessions are back with another cracking wee evening of intimate entertainment. Making his first live outing in Glasgow as I Build Collapsible Mountains, Luke Joyce warms up nicely for the following nights show at AvsP, by making an appearance. Joining him for the evening they also have Iglue and Now Wakes The Sea.

Also on Thursday (4th) night, Benni Hemm Hemm, Second Hand Marching Band & Tannahill hit Stereo in Glasgow for an evening of folk pop tinged fun. I won't be usual presumptuous self and expect you to have heard all of these bands, so here's a wee blurb (ie a copy n paste) about them all....
"Benni Hemm Hemm, the delightful pop troubador from Iceland, whose Scottish band features members of Eagleowl, SHMB, Withered Hand, The Occasional Flickers, How to Swim, The Trembling Bells, The Pineapple Chunks, Jesus H Foxx, Captain Slackship's Mezannine Allstars and more (and there's only 6 members). Benni has, in the past, collaborated with Alasdair Roberts and Jens Lekman and is currently recording a joint album with SHMB.
The Second Hand Marching Band will be a 17-or-so piece indie folk funhouse who shall play to the crowd and in the crowd, with post-rock influenced buildups, quiet folk songs and dance party tunes.
And the last group,
Tannahill, are particularly special, made up of Alasdair Roberts, Wounded Knee, Sean from John Knox Sex Club and SHMB members Alistair, Pete, Ross and Rich. Their set will consist of reinterpretations of Robert Tannahill songs. Robert Tannahill is a Scottish poet from Paisley who died 200 years ago, but whose legacy is now coming to more people's attention after years of being overshadowed by his contemporary and inspiration, Robert Burns.This will be the first performance of the group, who will be releasing an album of Tannahill songs next year."
Kick off is at 7pm and door charge will be £5.

Next Saturday, the 6th, promoters 45 A-Side Records have a cracking wee gig lined up at Stereo in Glasgow. For your evenings entertainment they have Meursault, Olympic Swimmers and Happy Particles for just £5. The evening kicks off at half seven, it should be quite a night.

I'll leave you this week with a video from a band who have been getting me pretty excited as of late, they're called Let's Talk About Trees, a side project from some of the members of John Knox Sex Club and Washington Irving. The band will be making their live debut at Stereo in Glasgow on the 20th of November, so get the date down in your diary...

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