18 October 2010

Presenting: The Peenko Sessions #1 - Kid Canaveral

It really is a week of firsts, I have had a few things on my bloggers to-do list and in this last week I am slowly but surely getting to 'live the dream'. I am sure that a lot of folk visit the site in order to download sessions, so I thought it would be great if I could one day do 'Peenko Sessions'. Well kids, that day has finally arrived, and kicking it off will be none other than Peenko favourites, Kid Canaveral.

So,'How did this come about?', you might well be wondering, and even if you're not I am going to tell you. No, I haven't secretly been training as a sound engineer/camera man/general techy kid. Instead I roped in a lovely fella by the name of Sean McCann to come in and help get this all off the ground. Basically he does all of the hard work and I reap the glory, sounds like a fair deal to me. Recorded back in July, the first ever Peenko Session was held in Sean's old living room. I might add that the fact that he no longer lives there has nothing to do with myself or Kid Canaveral. This session was originally recorded back in July, and it's been pretty hard to keep it under wraps until now, so I am pretty chuffed that I can now share it all with you as part of the 'Peenko is 2' celebrations.

So here's the first session in all of it's glory, it's a unique experience as you have Kid Canaveral playing stripped back acoustic versions of their songs.

Track Listing
1. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night
2. Good Morning
3. And Another Thing!!
4. Stretching The Line


What a way to kick things off, I am really chuffed at how things turned out. I just want to use this opportunity to thank Kid Canaveral for travelling through to Glasgow to play for little old me. Also, Sean, he truly is a legend, so thanks to him for stepping in to do all of the technical stuff that, and for spending his free time editing it all and making this possible. I wouldn't even know how to start, so I am really chuffed that he was willing to step up to the plate and make all of this possible.

Kid Canaveral


  1. wooop woooop, nice work fella. And happy 2nd birthday/anniversary type of thingumy!

  2. Love this, thanks!