15 October 2010

Friday Freebies

Super Adventure Club
As the perjury trial of Tommy and Gail Sheridan entered its second week at the High Court in Glasgow, the good folk at Armellodie had a cracking wee idea. They've decided that it might be fun to soundtrack the whole affair and celebrate the release of Super Adventure Club’s ‘Chalk Horror’ (out on Monday) by giving away a free download of their track ‘Tommy Sheridan’.

Mitchell Museum
Those fabulous 'Museum kids new single 'Tiger Heart Beat' is out this week, if you haven't already seen it make sure you check out the video that goes with it. It's got some serious robot abuse going on! To celebrate it's release they're giving away some remixes of the single, ch-ch-check it.

Lenzie Moss
Featuring Finlay MacDonald of Teenage Fanclub fame, Lenzie Moss are already starting to get a bit of a buzz about them. Mainly on the Fannies message board I might add, you can check them out by downloading a few free tracks from their Bandcamp.

Hey Marseilles
At the start of this week I was lucky enough to have been invited along to record my first proper appearance on the infamous Glasgow Podcart alongside my new partner in crime Halina (Olive Grove) and Luke (I Build Collapsible Mountains). T'was a cracking evening, although I think I'd prefer it if my wife/folks/daughter never heard it! Anyway, while I was there I got introduced to a number of cracking new bands. The stand out being Seattle band, Hey Marseilles, so much so that the first I did when I got home was try and find out a bit more. Here's the two things you need to know to get you started, they have an amazing video and they also have put their song 'Rio' up for free download. Get stuck in as this is cracking stuff.

If you missed their session for Vic G a month or so back it's really worth hunting down (clue it's on this site somewhere). I am not normally a big fan of post-rock, but they really pricked my ears up when I heard it. Their album 'Pillars' is really worth hunting down, it certainly does it for me. If you need some convincing then you can start by downloading their track 'Pillars of Creation' for free here.

Young Fathers
Scottish hip hop isn't something that I feature all that often on Peenko, that's mainly cause I know feck all about it. The only artists that I have heard of are Edinburgh's very own Young Fathers. That's mainly through hearing them on Vic's Radio One show, bloody good they are too. You can get yourself some free tunes by heading to their homepage.

Bear Driver
You might remember I did a wee Introducing piece on this lot a few months back, well they're very kindly gotten in touch to let me know that they've posted up new track 'Golden Touch' for free download on their Soundcloud page.

The Rest
I do like it when folk get in touch to tip me off about freebies (hint fucking hint), I especially like it when a band I already like email me to let me know about one of their freebies. As well as Bear Driver getting in touch, I also go a nice email from Canadian outfit, The Rest. So what's so special about that you might wonder, well their album 'Everyone All At Once' was a personal favourite last year. So to find out they have more material coming out soon and that they were giving away new track 'John Huston' for free, made for a pretty exciting email. Get downloading here.

Austin City Limits Festival
There are a whole host of free MP3s up for grabs at Spinner Music, including tracks from Band of Horses, The National, The XX and Beach House among others.

Last week in the second of their FOUND Free Fri giveaways, the band gave away their track 'String Theory'. What this weeks freebie will be I couldn't tell you, all you need to know is that it will be good, oh so very good.

The Duke Spirit
The band are about to return with their new EP 'Kusama', you can get 'Everybody's Under Your Spell' from it for free here.

There are a couple of freebies up for grabs from Vessels, on their homepage you can download their track 'Ornafives', while over on Sputnikmusic you can find ‘Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute’.

The Japanese War Effort
Edinburgh's one man ambient pop band, The Japanese War Effort's new album, 'Sings of a Dear Green Place' is up for free download on his Bandcamp.

The Sky At Night
Sadly defunct Glasgow outfit, The Sky At Night have posted up their 2006 debut album, "Hope For Dummies"for free download on Soundcloud.

Steve Heron
The Edinburgh singer song writers debut album is due out pretty soon, in anticipation of it's release he's posted up a free download of his track 'Wee Blondie' which you can find here.

Polyvinyl Sampler
There's a free sampler up for grabs here, featuring tracks from Headlights, of Montreal, Mates of State, Architecture in Helsinki and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Cork-based instrumental sci-fi surf rock band have just released their new EP, cleverly entitled EP2, and yep you guessed it, it's free. One of their members is originally from Paisley (but don't hold that against them, head on over to Bandcamp and get downloading.

You can download the first track from Seams EP, 'Hung Markets', for free from on his Bandcamp page.

Nope not the blogger, he's cut his Korner down to a monthly feature. Instead this is a freebie from the Northern Irish band with the same name, head on over to their Bandcamp to get their song 'Navigate November'.

Rose Parade
Up and coming Glasgow starlets, Rose Parade, have a free download of their song 'Summer Skin' available for free download on their Soundcloud page.

The date of the New York music convention is fast approaching, that won't be of much use to many of you, or so you may have thought. You can download a whole load of free MP3's from some of the artists playing at it, including Asobi Seksu, Franz Nicolay and Kevin Devine.

Slow Animal
This freebie comes courtesy of a tweet from Paul Carlin on twitter, so if it's shite blame him, ie I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. You can download their demo for free here.

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