01 October 2010

Friday Freebies

In what is inevitably going to end up being called 'FOUND's Friday Freebie', Chemikal Undergrounds latest signings are very kindly going to be giving away a free song every Friday (it's like it was they did that just for me - they didn't though), until the release of their new album in March. That's a hell of a lot of free stuff! As I am doing this in advance I don't know what the first track they're giving away is, what I do know is that you can download it here.

French Wives
I know I already mentioned this at the start of the week, but this if something's good then it's worth mentioning again. The cracking French Wives have posted up new song, 'Welcome, in the night' for you ro get your hands on it for free . Just head on over to their Myspace and you'll find details on how to get your grubby little mitts on a copy. As I already mentioned on Sunday, the band also have a couple of gigs lined up this week, tonight night they'll be at The HAC in Irvine, followed by a headlining showing tomorrow at Stereo in Glasgow.

Chemikal Underground
If you haven't already signed up to Chemikal's mailing list you clearly are a bit of a muppet, it's not as if I don't harp on about the bloody thing every month. I guess there's just no telling some folk, here's what you missed this month. A new song by The Phantom Band called 'Walls', which is taken from their forthcoming album, 'The Wants'. Plus as if that wasn't enough, they've also posted 'You're Really Quite The Catch' (feat. Lisa Lindley Jones) from their new signings FOUND. The song is taken from their 2009 download album 'Snarebrained' which the band released to fun their appearance at last years SXSW festival. Now just make me a promise that you'll get yourself signed up to that mailing list....

My Cousin I Bid You Farewell
Another band joining in with some Friday Freebie thinking are Glasgow five piece, My Cousin I Bid You Farewell, who have posted up their track 'I'm Yours', on their Bandcamp page completely gratis.

How To Swim
If you are looking for something to do tonight (1st) in Glasgow, then look no further. Local indie-pop starlets, How To Swim are celebrating the launch of their new album, 'Retina (or More Fun Than a Vat of Love)' <> with a gig at Stereo alongside The Low Miffs and Over The Wall. Should you need a little bit more convincing, then head over to their Bandcamp where you can download their track, ' High School Apocalypse' for free.

UWS Freshers Festival Mixtape
This freebie ame courtesy of my fellow blogger Favourite Son, thanks for the tip mate! It's a wee mix tape featuring tracks from loads of cracking local bands, including Aerials Up, Pacific Theatre, Make Sparks, Trapped in Kansas and Aspen Tide. Just click the link to get downloading.

Fancy an MP3 from this lot? Well normally all you'd have to do is give them you email address and in exchange they'd send you their track 'Ooh Ah'. Now you don't even have to do that as their mailing limit is full (really?!), so you can just click this link to download the song directly.

Bear Driver
It's been a few months since I ran a wee introducing feature with this lot, if you missed it then now you can do some well deserved catching up. The band have posted up a free download of their brand new song 'Golden Touch' on their blog, give it a whirl it's a cracking wee tune.

Alanna Takes a Solo
Fancy getting yourself on some lo-fi indie pop folk, well look no further as there's a whole albums worth of it free from Alanna Takes a Solo. Just click here to download 'Stories of my earlier years'.

What a beautiful name..... Aye so Erin Mckeown, if you haven't come across this American singer song writer before then you are in for a bit of a treat. I caught her a good few years back at Tuts, where she made the great judgement/major faux pas (delete as you feel appropriate) of wearing a Celtic shirt on stage. No it wasn't one of those kind of gigs, she just liked to buy 'soccer tops' from the cities she was playing in. Anyway, I digress she's been churning out cracking albums for years now, so if you haven't heard her before then now is the time to do some catching up as you can download her song 'Queen of Quiet' for free here.

Here's one for you old-school hipsters. I featured this duo in Freebies a while back, but now they are giving a whole album away for free. You can download their new album 'Withershins' for free on their Bandcamp page.

The Cinnamons
"As the weather takes its annual turn for the worse, this definitely means Summer is well and truly over. With it brings the end of The Cinnamons - 5 Songs of Summer Project. Sometimes is now available for free download from The Cinnamons Bandcamp so please go and fill your ears".

Distiller Records
Having nicked my idea of running features on record labels*, the NME are forgiven this week as they ran a feature on the rather excellent Distiller Records. Home to rather excellent Sparrow & the Workshop, the label also has a whole host of amazing bands just waiting for your attention, some of which you can check out for yourself by downloading this free compilation.
(*I might well be talking bollocks here)

This weeks freebie from the doc comes from Glasgow four piece, Unkle Bob, if you head over here and give them your email address they will send you a copy of their song 'In My Head'.

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