04 October 2010

Born To Be Wide - A&R Seminar, Edinburgh (06/10/10)

I had actually toyed with doing a post on A&R at some point in the future, so I will keep schtum on that one for now. Far too often I find myself opening my mouth without thinking, it's easy to forget what a small community the Scottish music scene really is. It is for this reason that I guess that it's important that we are all supportive of one another, there are too many folk out there who only seem to function by shooting others down.
The nice folk over at Born To Be Wide certainly seem to be 'doing their bit' in helping to break these borders down. On Thursday night (7th) in Edinburgh they are hosting a special one off A&R seminar night featuring Kenny McGoff, head of A&R at Sony/ATV Music Publishing [UK] and senior A&R at Columbia Records [UK], who signed the publishing for acts including Arctic Monkeys, Sharleen Spiteri and Bloc Party. He will be joined by Stewart Henderson, co-owner of seminal Glasgow label Chemikal Underground, Hannah Overton, A&R director, XL Recordings and Island Records’ Scottish scout, Yvonne McLellan.
That's quite an array of important sounding folk that they've roped in for the evening. I think it's important that we have events like this as I really do feel as if the Scottish music scene is somewhat neglected on a national level. The majority of artists that have 'made it' have really had to put in some hard graft or made it in America before they did anything here. So it is great that you can be given the opportunity to come along and meet these kind of people in person and find out more about how the industry really works.

Right this seems to be turning into a bit of ramble, so I'll spare you all and direct you towards the Born To Be Wide website for some more detailed and less rambly (is that a word?) information....

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