19 September 2010

Weekly Round Up (19/09/10)

Monday - Dundee's finest, The A Forest kicked off the week with some Fresh Meat action
Tuesday - Tired Pony's session for NPR, plus more excitingly there was an interview with my fellow blogger Ed from 17 Seconds was the fourth DIY label that got a little feature, if you haven't checked out his label then make sure you do as he's put some cracking records in the past few years. Including the new album this weeks featured Scots Way-Hay band
Wednesday - The Last Battle have a cracking wee album due out next month, make sure you hunt it down when it does come out, until then you'll have to make do with this interview they did for me as part of my Scots Way-Hay posts. In addition to this I had sessions from Edwyn Collins, The Vaselines, plus Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
Thursday - the fifth in my series of posts on Scottish DIY labels, with new up and coming label RE:PEATER RECORDS
Friday - Another week, another shed load of freebies, Summer Camp, Randolph's Leap and Esperi being my particular stand outs
Saturday - Yahweh were out Saturday starlets with their take on the Animal Collectives 'My Girls' in We've Got It Covered.

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

On Wednesday (22nd) night at Stereo, a whole host of local talent are coming together to celebrate songs spanning Stevens' career under the title of 'Widows in Paradise'. Featuring performances and collaborations from members of an array of talent including Open Swimmer, Washington Irving, Julia & The Doogans, The Last Battle, Randolph's Leap, Endor, Esperi, Quickbeam and more, this is a truly unique event that you don't want to miss. Tickets are on sale now, as well an evening full of cracking songs, you can also expect some delicious homebaking, mmmmmm cakes.....

It's almost that time of the month again for Pin Up Nights (did I just make Pin Up Nights sound like someone having their period?). This month they are having their very own 'Geek Night', they have lined up Angelos Epithemiou from Shooting Stars to DJ at it. Fuck knows what that'll be like, they do have some cracking live bands playing though, including previous Fresh Meat starlets B-Movie Junkies, the ferocious Paws and Heart Beats (who I know nothing about) to play live. Tickets are available to buy in advance through the Pin Up Nights website or through Ticket Scotland.

Tomorrow sees the release of the highly anticipated Cold Seeds album on CD through Song By Toad Records. In case you aren't already aware, the band could almost be described as something of a Scottish super group, featuring members of Meursault, Animal Magic Tricks and the legendary Kenny Anderson, aka King Creosote. This album is a one-off collaboration, which was recorded in Matthew 'Toads' living room, if you listen closely to the first song on the album you can even actually here his cat making a 'guest' appearance. The album was recorded over two weekends back at the end of 2009 and has been out on 12" vinyl for a little while now, and now it's finally making it's long awaited release on shiny CD's. You can order yourself a copy through Song By Toad Records.

Cold Seeds - Leave Me to Lie Alone in the Ground
Cold Seeds - The Perfume of Mexican Birds

Tomorrow also sees the release of Steven Milne's new single 'Best of Times' on Bedford Records, you can stream the lead track from it below. With his album "Chasing Phantoms" due out at the start of November, this track certainly bodes well for what we can expect to hear, he's certainly one to listen out for.

Steven Milne - Best of Times by Bedford Records

The Scottish Enlightenment launch their new EP, 'Little Sleep' this Friday (24th) at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh. The EP itself isn't out until next week, I've heard it and can confirm that it's one of the finest things they've done so far and that's saying a lot. Tickets for the gig are £5 or £4 advanced, support on the evening comes from Dan Lyth and Moon Junk, plus it'll give you the opportunity to get yer grubby little pits on their EP that bit earlier.

To finish this weeks round up I thought I'd post this wee video by up and coming Scottish band, Dirty Keys, it was produced in Glasgow by LDH productions, enjoy....

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