23 September 2010

Scottish DIY Labels #7 - Chaffinch Records

Would you care to introduce yourself?

Hullo – my name is David Love and I run Chaffinch Records.

What inspired you to start your own label?

I was made redundant in 2005 and wanted to do something interesting with some of the money. I initially saw it as an opportunity to sell some of my own stuff as South Downs but quickly realised the stuff I had recorded at that point wasn't up to much. I also wanted to help friends like Immigrant and Lucky Luke release some new material. Kenny Anderson and Fence Records were a massive influence on me too.

Who do you have signed to your label?

I don’t have anybody tied into the label. I’m approached by artists and I release material as and when I have the funds available.

Being based in Scotland do you only sign Scottish artists?

It was initially going to be Scottish bands only but I’ve now had material out by English, Welsh, Spanish and American artists.

South Downs - Something Inside

Is this something you do as a hobby or can you make a living from it?

I could never possibly make a living from the label and in this digital age I’m surprised anybody can. It’s purely a hobby – although an expensive one.

Burnt Island - Me and All My Friends Are Alright

Do you have a certain type of sound that you look for in a band?

Not as such – but I do probably err towards more left-field folk/pop stuff.

Lucky Luke - Please Bomb Slough

How do you go about deciding which artists you want to work with? How do you go about approaching them?

On the first Chaffinch release – The Whisper EP, it was myself and some friends - Immigrant, King Creosote and Lucky Luke. Once that release came out, it had a knock-on effect and quite a few artists starting contacting the label through the website. The only artist I contacted direct was Anthony Reynolds.

What has been you personal highlight from running the label so far? What has been your biggest success?

My biggest thrill was releasing Anthony Reynolds’ (of the bands Jack/Jacques) Ponies EP. He is a total legend in my eyes. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to get much media interest or airplay. Easily my biggest and quickest sellers have been The Second Hand Marching Band and Burnt Island releases. I think both bands have a great future ahead of them.

Anthony Reynolds - For When You Were Young

If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start up their own label, what would it be and why?

Do it only for the love of music as you won’t make a penny.

What can we expect to see and hear from the label in the future?

Another CD album from Burnt Island, a 2-CD set from Anthony Reynolds, an EP from The Second Hand Marching Band, an album by South Downs and possibly another various 7” vinyl compilation.

Chaffinch Records

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