03 September 2010

The Peenko Show on Fresh Air - Episode #3 (18/08/10)

Tracks Played
1. Cancel the Astronauts - Funny For A Girl
2. Where We Lay Our Heads - No Glamour
3. Deathpodal - Every Superstition Shall Be Removed
4. Panda Su - Eric Is Dead
5. I Build Collapsible Mountains - Rails (session track)
6. Loch Awe - The Ocean In Me
7. The Last Battle - Ruins
8. Miaoux Miaoux - Knitted
9. Martin John Henry - I Love Map
10. Golden Oldie; Joesphine - This Is Not An Exit
11. Come On Gang! - Fortune Favours The Brave (session track)
12. My Kappa Roots - The Lord Of Rosyth
13. The Burns Unit - Trouble
14. The Unwinding Hours & RM Hubbert - Spirit Ditch (Sparklehorse cover)

I Build Collapsible Mountains - photo by David Canaveral

The last in my run of shows on Fresh Air and what a way to go out, once again I had David from Kid Canaveral in to talk mince with me and basically try and keep me in check. I don't think he quite managed it, although he did make me apologise for my comments about folk who downloaded a charity album for free. Plus on top of all of that we had I Build Collapsible Mountains and Come On Gang! in to play some songs and have a bit of a blether.
Hopefully there will be more shows in the future, watch this space.....

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