02 September 2010

The Peenko Show on Fresh Air - Episode #2 (11/08/10)

This was the second show that I did for Fresh Air, joining me that week I had Boab from Campfires in Winter in to co-host/try and keep me in check. Not sure if he fully managed it or not though! On the plus side we did get to play loads of great music, including two exclusives (at that time) from Come On Gang! and the mysterious Let's Talk About Trees. The banter may well be pish, but the tunes are top notch!

Tracks Played

1. Come On Gang! - Fortune Favours The Brave
2. Call To Mind - All The Happiness In My Mind
3. Campfires in Winter - It's Been Months Now
4. Department of Eagles - Brightest Minds
5. King Post Kitsch - Walking On Eggshells
6. Golden Oldie; Baby Chaos - Hello
7. The Seventeenth Century - Roses in the Park
8. Washington Irving - Islands
9. Let's Talk About Trees - Lumberjacks Lament
10. Frightened Rabbit - Son C
11. Yahweh - Make Me Stop
12. Errors - A Rumour In Africa
13. The Social Services - The Baltic Sea
14. Spaghetti Anywhere - Girlfriends With Boyfriends
15. Endor - Without The Help Of Sparks
16. Admiral Fallow - Squealing Pigs

Fresh Air

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