17 September 2010

Friday Freebies

Sufjan Stevens
Mr Stevens certainly likes to catch us off guard, first off he releases a surprise new EP, then the next thing you know he was giving away free track, 'I Walked', from his forthcoming album 'The Age of Adz'. Well now he's at it again, posting up another free download, 'Too Much', which you can find on his Bandcamp.

Summer Camp

My hipsters senses aren't what they used to be, until now Summer Camp completely passed me by, it wasn't until I was reading an article about them the other day that I realised that the duo actually comprised of one my favourite artists, Jeremy Warmsley. Their new 'Young EP', seems to be all over the place at the moment, which is fully deserved in my eyes, no it's not Scottish, but I'd urge you to check it out. If you need a bit more convincing then you can get a free download of their song 'I Only Have Eyes For You' by signing up to their mailing list (it's about half way down the page on the right hand side).


Lo-fi experimentalist, Chris lee-Marr aka Esperi, makes some of the most delicate music in Scotland at the moment, and if Halina from the Glasgow Podcart is to be believed, then his forthcoming debut album is going to blow you away. Fine praise indeed, if you want to get in on the act before it all kicks off, then head on over to his Bandcamp, where you can download his track 'Proverb' , taken from his '21:21' EP for free.

Aspen Tide
The Glasgow indie pop quartet, have posted up their track 'Bittersweet' for free download on their Music Glue page. Simply give them your email address and they'll give you the tune, if that sounds like a fair deal to you, then get downloading here. Fans of bands like the Xcerts, Twin Atlantic and LightGuides should lap this up.

Randolph's Leap
Yes I know that I messed up their freebie the other week (thanks Jim), it was only up for a week, which I didn't know when I had found it, sorry. To make up for it, I have found this wee gem of a freebie from last year, it's their single 'A​-​side, B​-​side, Seaside' from last year, which you can get for free. The band have a new in the pipe line, which is sounding rather nifty, don't worry I'll remind you when it comes out.

Fiona Soe Paing
The Aberdonian electro-experimentalist, and also a favourite round these parts, has posted up 'Deep Song' from her excellent 'No Man's Land' release, for free download on her Bandcamp. Get it downloaded kids.

The Glasweigan indie-pop experimentalists impressed me a lot when I caught them supporting 'we're only afraid of NYC' last month, you might remember that I posted a link to download their EP in Freebies a few weeks back. Now, being the generous folk that they are, they have posted up a rough demo called 'Casting Error', which you can download for here.

Walnut Tree Records

The Watford based label have posted up a cracking wee free download of a compilation album that they have compiled. There are a couple of Scottish acts on it, Pareto and The Barent Sea, you can get yourself a copy here.

Ace City Racers

Unashamedly taking their influences from Blur's Britpop days, the Glasgow indie trio have posted up their catchy as fuck tune, 'Scenester' up for free on their Bandcamp, if you like what you hear, then you'll be chuffed to learn that they have a residency at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow during October.

Lek Fonq
The Australian outfit have been described as being 'pop-funk meets electronica with a sunshine vibe', how could you resist something that sounds like so much fun. The band have given me an MP3 of a remix of their track 'Inner Rhthym', download it here.

Captain Polaroid
The Brummie lo-fi artist is back with another new freebie, his Beat Nostalgia EP3 is up for download over on his blog.

Lonesome Mercury

I don't think I have ever featured a band from the Isle of Man on Peenko before, so it's about time that I got that rectified with a dirty garage band by the name of Lonesome Mercury. They have a free EP called 'Dirty Northern Garage' up for free download on their Bandcamp.

!!! (chkchkchk)
The Californian dance punks have a new album out, 'Strange Weather Isn't It?', they're giving a wee tatster of it on their website, you can download 'AM/FM' here.

Sun Hotel
The New Orleans indie outfit are giving away a free download of their track 'Suburb', taken from their forthcoming album 'Coast', you can get a copy in exchange for a tweet or Facebook post.

Napoleon IIIrd
The band are giving away their track 'The Unknown Unknown' for free in exchange for a tweet.

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

Kowalskiy's Kontribution for today is a wee cracker, once again he's raised the bar just that little bit higher, how he'll manage to keep the standards this high I'll never know. This is the third in the series of his EP's, check this out for a track listing;

1. Over The Wall - track from the upcoming debut album
2. Penguins Kill Polar Bears - unreleased track
3. How To Swim - track from their upcoming album
4. Come On Gang! - Wolfjazz remix of 'Fortune Favours The Brave'
5. Shambles Miller - unreleased demo

Just click the pretty picture below and get downloading............

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  1. Anonymous17/9/10

    That !!! song is actually pretty weak compared to the overall standard of the album - well worth a look.