03 September 2010

Friday Freebies

Loch Awe
I guess I say this a lot, possibly too much(?), but sometime things pop into my inbox that generally catch me off guard. The latest young scamps to catch me off guard were Edinburgh folk outfit Loch Awe, they remind me a lot of bands like Foxface or even a bit of Meursault, it's indie pop with a Celtic tinge. I'm probably not doing it much justice, instead of reading my ramblings you should check out their debut album, 'Artificial Life from a Digital Sea' which is free to download on their Bandcamp page.

The Last Battle
Their debut album 'Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea' comes out on the 4th of October, as a taster of what you can expect the Edinburgh folk troupe have posted a live EP up for free download on their Bandcamp page.

Pink Pills
The Edinburgh artists new EP 'Shackled Visions' is out to buy now on his Bandcamp, if you get in early enough you can buy a t-shirt and download the EP for just a fiver. A free download of the title track is up for free download on there too, get downloading here.

Sufjan Stevens

After surprising as all with his 'All Delighted People EP' the other week, Mr Stevens has already given us a wee taster of what we can expect from his forthcoming album 'The Age of Adz'. He's very kindly posted up 'I Walked' from it up for free download on his Bandcamp.

Dan Lyth
The Fife singer songwriter has just released new EP, 'Some Of My Friends' Songs', a collection of re-imagined versions of songs written by his friends. It includes tracks originally penned by The Scottish Enlightenment, Craig Rennie and Kilmory Day Trip and it can be downloaded for free on his Bandcamp page, it even comes with an essay on the perils of attempting 'cover versions'.

I Like Where I Live
This freebie comes courtesy of David from Glasgow band Galleries, being the talented fella that he is, he also does some solo electronica stuff. Following up on the success of last years 'Co-ordinates EP', he's just posted up new 'I Do Remember', which you can get your mucky paws on free by clicking the link.

The Cinnamons

The band have released single number four, 'Soul For Sale' from their summer long project '5 Song of Summer' in which they will release 5 singles though out the summer months, followed by an E.P. Launch in October. The songis now up for free download though Bandcamp, if this is the first you have heard of the project, check out the link where you can download the previous 3 singles, 'Welcome To The Business', 'Leave If You Want To' & 'Where We're Going (This Shit Don't Matter) also for free.

Arran Arctic
A brand spanking new Arran Arctic single is now up for you to download for free. The new single is called 'Interrupt Me', you can get yourself a copy for free on his homepage, there's also a wee animated video to go with it, watch it here.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
Is it just me or do I seem to post a free TBWTTS trakc every other week? Not that I am complaining mind you! This one is a link to an interview he did for a website called Blagsound, if you scroll to the bottom then you can download his track 'Golden' completely gratis.

Yellow Ostrich
This freebie comes courtesy of long time reader, 'mudville', so mind and say thanks to him if you like it. Yellow Ostrich (Alex Schaaf) is the lead singer of the indie band The Chairs and he's posted a whole host of EP's up for free download on his Bandcamp.

Edwyn Collins
This is due to go live today, so if the link isn't there when this post goes up try again a bit later. In what is a series of compilation of ‘Birdsong’ themed music, this is number seven in the series and it has been compiled by our very own Edwyn Collins. To get a copy you will need to sign up to their mailing list to receive the newsletter and download link at some point today, so be quick.

Perfect Chaos
It's not often that I find myself mentioning Death Metal on here, I guess this might well be the first and last time that I do. If that's your kind of thing, then Perfect Chaos are giving away their song 'The Black and the Spectrum' for free in exchange for a tweet or a Facebook post.

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