03 August 2010

What a Bunch of Wide O's!

Born To Be Wide celebrates Edinburgh music scene

You might remember me mentioning the good folk from Born To Be Wide back in my epic post about my adventures up at goNorth in Inverness. Apart from watching loads of great bands, drinking far too much and watching Ian 'Have Fun At Dinner' re-enacting scenes from Silence of the Lambs, I also went to quite a few music seminars. You might think I'd be heavily influenced by their hospitality and say lots of nice things about them just because I had to. I don't have to, no, but I will as the events they put on were generally really interesting. In comparison to some of the non-Born To Be Wide seminars I attended, they were a veritable joy. I genuinely learned a lot over those few days, plus it gave me the opportunity speak to a lot folk that I would normally never have any access to.

So why is this of any interest to you guys n girls, well here comes the plug. They're about to host another one of their nights, based on the musical goings on in Edinburgh, with live previews from local bands and DJs selecting their favourite four tracks by acts from the capital. It takes place at the Electric Circus on Thursday 5 August, the night will feature ten-minute taster sets by acts performing at various music events taking place during the month. These include The Edge, Retreat, Acoustic Edinburgh, Forest Fringe and the Jazz Festival. Guests will also have the opportunity to win golden tickets in a capital music quiz.

Artists playing on the night include Meursault, Stanley Odd, Carrie Mac and Emily Scott – which will take place on the hour and half hour – key figures from the city’s scene will play their favourite records by Edinburgh bands. DJs include Muslim Alim [BBC], Tallah Brash [This Is Music / Lach’s Antihoot], Kevin Buckle [Avalanche Records], Jason Clarkson [Electric Circus], Dave Corbet [DF Concerts/The Edge Festival], Dave Cuming [Limbo], Sarah David [Cabaret Voltaire], Vic Galloway [BBC], Chris Knight [Astrojazz/Kelburn Garden Pary/Departure Lounge], John Paul Mason [Is This Music?], David Pollock [Journalist], Mark Robertson [Edinburgh International Festival], Colin Somerville [broadcaster/journalist], Ed Stack [Ten Tracks], Nick Stewart [Sneaky Pete’s], Jonathan Tait [Academy Of Music And Sound], Kevin Willliamson [Author/broadcaster], Matthew Young [Song By Toad].

Tickets are only £3/£2, it all kicks off at 20:30 through until 03:00
Further details can be found using the links below.


Meursault - What You Don't Have


  1. Anonymous7/8/10

    um, this is a different emily scott...

  2. thanks for the heads up, I'll get the song removed.