08 August 2010

Weekly Round Up (8/08/10)

Monday - the not very evil at all, Bottle of Evil took on some Fresh Meat action
Tuesday - we had a wee post about a Born to Be Wide event that took place on Thursday there, plus there were sessions from Twin Atlantic, Tired Pony and the Burns Unit
Wednesday - the amazing Call To Mind became the 27th entry into the Scots Way-Hay club, plus there was a wee plug for my show on Fresh Air. Mind and tune in tonight for the Pop Cop's first show at 7pm tonight. Hopefully he's going to tell us all about his brush with the law the other day
Thursday - there was an acoustic session from Admiral Fallow at T in the Park and LightGuides session on the Vic Galloway show
Friday - an insane amount of Freebies, it has to been to be believed. It's odd to think at the start of the week I was starting to get slightly worried that I wouldn't have enough links
Saturday - French Wives were the latest We've Got It Covered stars, plus there were sessions from Paws and Best Coast

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

Only weeks after they featured in my Community Service posts, We Sink Ships is sadly no more. After a very successful gig in Edinburgh have decided to go their separate ways, thankfully though they're both going to continue to do creative things. I'm not sure exactly what Heidi has planned, but Neil is relaunching his old label, 'too many fireworks', with the added bonus of podcasts.
Here's what he had to say about it all..
The label will be relaunching at the beginning of September with a full back catalogue of releases available through digital download including Flying Matchstick Men, Laeto, Titus Gein, Errors, Findo Gask and more There will also be some new releases including the music I wrote for the We Sink Ships: Elements exhibitions, Euan McMeeken's e.p. and quite a lot more besides.
At the moment people can sign up to our mailing list for more information and they'll receive an eight-track sampler from the label's back catalogue. You can do that here

In addition to this to there will be a new series of podcasts, entitled the 2mfcast, featuring
occasional guest podcasts, interviews, DJ sets and other chat as well as the odd surprise thrown in. Check it out here or you can subscribe to it on iTunes.

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