22 August 2010

Weekly Round Up (22/08/10)

Monday - The Douglas Firs brought us some Fresh Meat-y goodness
Tuesday - The Zephyrs session for Vic G, plus Steve Mason did a wee tune for 5Live
Wednesday - the fabulous Yahweh became the 29th member of the Scots Way-Hay club
Thursday - Withered Hand in session for Marc Riley, plus one of Admiral Fallow's live tracks from their gig in Paisley last week.
Friday - the world famous Friday Freebies comes up with the goods once again.
Saturday - The Second Hand Marching Band take on At the Drive In, it has to be heard to be believed.

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

This coming Friday (27th) at Stereo sees the launch night of 'No Dancing', a new night 'which will strive to bring together the most exciting and thought-provoking acts playing in Glasgow today'. Bold words, but then again the line up for their innaugural night is an absolute belter, playing on the evning they have Adam Stafford (Y'all is Fantasy Island), Deathpodal, PAWS and RM Hubbert. Now if that doesn't get you slightly excited then nothing will! Tickets are only a fiver, a bargain at half the price. For further details check out the KMR Promotions website.

Foxgang are putting on a cracking wee shindig on Tuesday (24th) at the Bristo Hall (above the Forest Cafe) in Edinburgh. Check this for a line up French Wives, White Heath, Faction Fiction (Formerly Casino Brag), Sebastian Dangerfield, Washington Irving and your hosts Foxgang plus DJs Rock N' Roll Dance Party. Now that's a cracking wee line up and I haven't even got to the point to where I mention that it's free.
In addition to this, Kowalskiy has just posted up a compilation featuring tracks from each of the bands for free on his Bandcamp.

Foxgang - White Picket Fence

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