15 August 2010

Weekly Round Up (15/08/10)

Monday - Calamateur brought some Fresh Meat to the Peenko BBQ
Tuesday - esteemed author Rodge Glass did some Community Service as he introduced as to the Year of Open Doors. Plus some Boab revived his 62-Word Review, fuck me that's 4 posts in under a year.
Wednesday - the fabulous The Social Services took the time out to answer some questions for me, making them the 28th entry into the Scots Way-Hay club
Thursday - the first stream of my antics on Fresh Air alongside David from Kid Canaveral, the Son(s) compared it to a Scottish version of Loose Women, a pretty apt description I reckon.
There was also a session from Louise McVey and the Cracks in the Concrete
Friday - Freebies, Freebies, loads of fucking Freebies!!!!
Saturday - Franz Ferdinand's took on Britney Spears 'Womanizer' in We've Got It Covered

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

The Scottish Enlightenment return to live action this week with a cracking wee gig in the capital, on Thursday (19th August) night they play at Henry's Cellar Bar. They're playing as a three piece, with an emphasis on the old acoustic guitar. Fair do's you might well think, but you'd be wrong, oh so wrong, keep reading kids. On the night they will be joined by their good friend Dan Lyth who will be helping us them out on stage and also playing his own set. In addition to this they have Debutant joining them to play an acoustic set (apparently his loop pedal is broken), and to top it all off they have also roped in former De Rosa front man, Martin John Henry, to come along and 'busk some songs'. So to recap you have The Scottish Enlightenment, Dan Lyth, Debutant and Martin John Henry all for the bargain sum of £5. It all kick off at 8pm, and it's arguably one of the finest line ups you'll see in August.

If you are looking for something to do on Tuesday (17th) night and you live in Glasgow, then the place to be seems to be Mono in Glasgow, as Steve Mason formerly of the Beta Band, is doing a free show. It all kicks off at 7pm, it's an acoustic performance and you're advised to get down nice and early as it will probably be pretty busy.

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