27 August 2010

Friday Freebies

Randolph's Leap
The former AvsP starlets have posted a free tune up on their Bandcamp page. 'Special', is a whole lot of twee indie pop fun, these guys (n girl) continue to impress, I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Also, while you're on there, make sure you have a hunt about as there are plenty more freebies to be had.

Martin John Henry
The former De Rosa front man posted a cover of Tom Waits, 'Rain Dogs' up for free on his twitter account earlier in the week. To download it, simply right click and save, hey presto, you have yourself some free tune-age.

Chemikal Underground
In this months newsletter the kind kids at Chemikal have given us not one, but three songs for nowt. A Glamour' by The Phantom Band (Excerpt), 'Reverberation Mambo' (Joakim Remix) by Panico and an abridged version of Aidan Moffat's 'Year of Open Doors' short story, 'The Donaldson Boy'. What a nice bunch they are.

Eagle Winged Palace
The second band to take me up on my suggestions of freebies are a 'weird little folk group' from LA by the name of Eagle Winged Palace. They've just released released their debut album, "Where We're Coming From" and they'd like to share a free MP3 'Movin' On To Avalon' with all of you lucky kids (it's one of those right click save freebies).

Blackbird Blackbird

I have featured these guys in Friday Freebies before, it really does feel as if the blogosphere has a lot of love for this lot. They have posted up an EP of Rarities which you can download for zero pennies on their Bandcamp.

The Second Hand Marching Band
They're playing at the Tunnels in Aberdeen next month with Eagleowl and Benni Hemm Hemm, in anticipation of the gig they're giving away a free EP featuring all of the bands. Download it for free here.

Fran Healy
The Travis-front man's debut solo album' Wreckorder' comes out pretty soon, as a taster you can download the song 'Holiday' taken from it, free in exchange for your email address.

Polly And The Billets Doux
The band are giving away free MP3, 'To Be A Fighter', taken from their current album, you can find it on their SoundCloud page.

Manic Street Preachers
They're not really my cup of tea, but I know a lot of folk love this lot. If you're excited about the forthcoming new album, then this is for you, it's a free download of new song 'I'm Leaving You For Solitude'.

Vincent Vincent & The Villains

Young and Lost Club's Digital Club have a free Download of Blue Boy, you can get it here. There are other free downloads from Semifinalists, Cheatahs , Othello Woolf and Gypsy And The Cat up for free here.

The Icelandic quartet have posted up a free song from their forthcoming album, 'Puzzle', download 'Over and Again' here.

Spring Offensive
They have put up one track, it's thirteen minutes long and it sounds a bit like Death Cab For Cutie. 'The First of Many Dreams about Monsters' is free to download here, it has the extra added bonus of it being a direct download, none of this give your email address in exchange business.

Dance To The Radio
The uber cool Leeds label has posted a cracking wee compilation up for grabs on the NME's website. Featuring tracks from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Spectrals and Bear In Heaven, you can download it here.

The Xcerts
New track, 'Let's Run' which was recorded during the album sessions for their forthcoming second album 'Scatterbrain' is available for free in exchange for your email address.

Hidden Orchestra
I picked up on this one through the BBC Introducing podcast, it's quite atmospheric, and it's fre or at least one of the tracks, 'Footsteps' is over on their Bandcamp.

Intercontinental Music Lab
This recommendation came courtesy of the fabulous Incredible Flight of Birdman, a cracking wee find it is too. Rather than waste your time with my waffling, here's something I copied and pasted earlier... "the Intercontinental Music Lab has produced five albums. They’ve all been produced in the same way. We came up with a concept or theme for an album, then asked people to choose subjects around that theme and compose some music. The theme for our first album was science. Our musicians composed instrumental pieces of music about scientists or aspects of science. Once the backing tracks were completed we swapped the tunes online and composed lyrics and recorded vocals over each others tracks, taking the subjects chosen by the musicians as inspiration. These techniques have led to some really successful collaborations." Sound good to you? then check it out here.

They're Pitchfork darlings and they have posted some free tunes up on their Bandcamp for free, gather round hipsters this sound like it might well be for you. Their debut single 'Give me a taste/Jonah' is up for download, fans of Panda Bear should lap this up.

Fans of drone/folk might like this, it's a free EP from Guanco, it's called 'Begging Your Pardon Miss Joan' and you can download it here.

The Vulcam Freedom Fighters
If moody rock ‘n’ roll with endless Star Trek samples, then this is for you. You can download loads of songs from Kentucky’s Vulcan Freedom Fighters here.

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

Matt Berry

This week the doc has gone with a freebie from Matt "Dr. Lucien Sanchez Berry (or if you ever even Watched Garth Marenghi's Darkplace), who has a new EP out. Mr K went to see him a few years ago at King Tuts and to this day it's still one of his most memorable gigs, both for the music and the comedy! Just click the link to download his 'Summer Sun' EP.


  1. Too late on Randolph's Leap. Special was only a freebie for a week, now it costs 79p.

  2. FFS Jim, do you just wait to nit pick every week?! ;)

  3. If you checked these things yourself I wouldn't have to nit pick :P