20 August 2010

Friday Freebies

I caught this three piece supporting we're only afraid of NYC last Friday, bloody great they were too. You can have a listen for yourself by downloading their 'Headless' EP for free on their Bandcamp page.

Marthas & Arthurs
The first band to take me up on my newly embeded link to email me any Freebie suggestions, and a wee cracker it is too. They're partly Scottish and they make some gorgeous wee tunes, a fine start if ever I had one. You can download their new EP, 'Apes in Aeroplanes' for free on their Bandcamp page.

Broken Records
The Edinburgh outift have been hidden away writing their second album, 'Let Me Come Home' which is due out on the 25th of October. Recorded in Glasgow with producer Tony Doogan, plus guest vocals by Jill O'Sullivan from Sparrow and the Workshop, the album is highly anticipated by many of us Scottish bloggers, as a taster of what to expect you can download, 'A Leaving Song' by signing up to their mailing list.

Conquering Animal Sound

The good folk over at Gerry Loves have just posted up Meaursault's remix of 'Giant' by Conquering Animal Sound up for free download. I'm not normally a fan of remixes, but I think this is rather nifty, get downloading here.

Gold Panda
The experimental instrumental hip hop type has announced that he will release his debut album, 'Lucky Shiner', in October, preceded by a single, 'Snow & Taxis'. However you can already download 'Snow & Taxis' from www.luckyshiner.com just now, which makes feck all sense to me, but what do I know.

Sub Pop

I'm not sure if I have posted this before, mainly because there are so many free compilations up on Amazon these days, even if I have this is worth repeating. There are a load of free tracks up fro grabs from the likes of Wolf Parade, Avi Buffalo, Nirvana and The Shins. Download it here.

The Detour boys described this band as 'one the best bands in the whole country right now', high compliments indeed. See if you agree by downloading their EP for free here.

Give them your details and they will send you a link to download their track “Sorry It Hurts”.

Jim Noir
Mind this guy, he did that 'Eanie Meany' tune a few years back, well he's got a new EP out, it's called 'Melody Junction' and it's free to download here.

There is a whole host of free stuff to download from the psychedelic outift, get it over on their Bandcamp page.

The Concretes
A new album is due in November, it's apparently going to be a disco album. Fuck knows what that'll sound like then, This is Fake DIY have a free download of 'Good Evening' taken from said album, if you fancy checking out this new direction they're taking, then you can download it here.

Fight Like Apes
The Irish outfit have posted their track, 'Poached Eggs' taken from their forthcoming album, 'Body of Christ and The Legs of Tina Turner'. All you have to is hit the 'Pay With A Tweet' button and with one tweet or facebook post you get a copy of the song.

Gay Blades
You can get a free download of 'Try To Understand' from The Gay Blades new album 'Savages' for free here.

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

5-track Scottish EP #2
Continuing on with his series of rarities, Mr Kowalskiy has pulled another rabbit from the proverbial hat this month with a cracking EP featuring rare and unreleased tracks from five Scottish artists. This month he has Beerjacket covering the Xx, The Fusiliers, Evil Hand, The Little Kicks and Washington Irving. The boy continues to outdo himself!

Invisible Elephant

Also featured this week by our good pal the doc featured these guys earlier in the week, he described them as "as easy-listening post-rock, at times like a stripped-back My Bloody Valentine". If that sounds like it'd be up your street, then you can download their album 'The Lights Go Out', up on their Bandcamp page.

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