06 August 2010

Friday Freebies

Bronto Skylift
One of themost ferosious live bands I have ever seen and also the newest members to join the Scots Way-Hay club. If you weren't paying attention on Wednesday, then to make sure you make sure you use this opporuntity to check this noisey duo out. You can download yourself their track 'Wolf' as taken from their debut album' The White Crow', for free on their Bandcamp page.

Arran Arctic

London based musician Beatoven has just remixed his latest single, 'The Door', which is equal parts glitchy electronica and bone rattling bass. The original single is still up for grabs as well, until next month, when both it and the remix will be replaced by another brand new single. Keep those eyes peeled kids.

We Are Trees
Boy this is confusing, I first came across this link on Listen Before You Buy (great blog btw), I thought I knew who this band were. Turned out there's two 'We Are Trees', I had presumed this was from the Welsh band, turned out that it was actually a Virginia Beach outfit. I think I prefer this combo over their Celtic namesakes. Anyway, the point that I am struggling to get to, is that they have an EP called Boyfriend up for free on their Bandcamp.

Dr Martens
The footwear making company is celebrating it's 50th birthday this year, to celebrate they have drafted in a whole load of musicians to do some covers for them, including The Cinematic Orchestra taking on Jeff Buckley and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's take on the Pogues classic 'Dirty Old Town'. Check out what they have on offer here.

Mitchell Museum

Those crazy kids, they've only gone and posted a free mixtape up for your listening pleasure, it's called 'Giant Robot Mix', there's some remixes of stuff by Animal Collective and Modest Mouse (I think), whatever is on there it's all good.

The twee pop starlets are back after what seems like an age away, they have a new album, 'Somewhere To Jump From' coming out on the 23rd of August. As a taster of what to expect the fabulous 405 website has posted a free download of 'In Denial' from the album. It's a welcome return from a band I had kind of thought we had seen the last of, I can't wait to hear the album in full. The band also embark on a tour of Scotland in October, check their Myspace for more details.

Badly Drawn Boy
Will he ever be able to find relive those heady days of his debut album, I doubt it, but he still does seem to be able to knock out some catchy wee tunes. His forthcoming album 'It's What I'm Thinking Part One: Photographing Snowflakes', an easy one to remember, is out in October. As a taster of what to expect he's put up a free MP3 of new demo called 'In Safe Hands', all you have to do is sign up to his mailing list.

The Japanese War Effort
Matthew 'Song By Toad' described them as "o
ne of the best bands in Scotland", now that's quite a bold statement. You can check out if he's right by downloading their free EP 'Surrender to Summer' on their Bandcamp.

Wild Beasts
They are up for this years Mercury Prize, to be honest with you they don't do much for me, but then again what do I know. If you are a fan, or your just a little curious then you might interested to learn that if you click on the link at the end of this ramble, then you can download the new Wild Beasts EP 'We Still Got The Taste Dancin' On Our Tongues', be quick though as it's only up for one week.

The record label have posted up a free compilation featuring Steve Mason, Owen Pallett, The Fall and Dirty Porjectors among others, just over to Amazon and get downloading.

The second release by multi instrumentalist Rob Honey, otherwise known as Inachus is up for free download. He has taken his influences from artists such as Clint Mansell, Mike Patton, Imogen Heap and Curtis Mayfield and blended it to create a very atmospheric and experimental sound.

Azure Ray
It's been a long long time since I have heard anything from this lot, in fact I can remember buying their album 'Hold On Love' quite a few years ago based purely on the basis that Sons & Daughters were supporting them. They sound nothing like S&D's, but I still really liked the album, so it was a nice surprise this week when Stereogum posted a new song, 'Don't Leave My Mind' which is from their new album due out next month.

Teengirl Fantasy

Not the easiest band to search for without having to explain yourself to your wife, they're a Brooklyn duo (seriously do all bands from there automatically become buzz bands?!). They play dreamy synth-rock apparently, and hipster central Pitchfork have a free download of their song 'Cheaters' up for grabs.

Nevada Base
I am pretty sure I posted a freebie from these guys just a week or so ago, but then again my memory is shot, so what do I know. Basically they have posted their song 'Feel That Way' up for nothing, it's in WAV format so it might take a wee bit longer to download.

Best Coast
They seem to be the buzz band of this week, or at least they seem to be every where I go. I've still to listen to any of the songs, but going by everyone else's reaction they are defo ones to be watching. Personally I have spent most of this week getting far too over excited about 'The Suburbs', what an album. Aye so back to the point, head over to RCRD LBL for some free Best Coast stuff.

Silver Columns
The no longer mysterious duo are releasing their next single in September, 'Always On', and it's backed by a Caribou remix of the track which you can download here.

Sarah Masen
The folk singer songwriter has posted her song 'A History of Lights and Shadows' up for free download, in order to get it you have to tweet, email or Facebook it though.

Sara Lowes
A free download of her song ‘Caught In A Wonder' taken from her third EP is up for grabs over on her homepage.

The Winning Sperm Party have posted a split release featuring Thrush and Divorce, you can download yourself a copy here.

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

Callme Ishmael
Our good friend the 'Doc' ran a wee feature on these guys earlier in the week, check it here. Then he was good enough to share this little nugget of knowledge with us, two of their songs 'The Fire In Side' and 'The Beast That Screamed At The Heart Of The World' are both up for free download here.

The Radical Dads
Not being content with just one freebie this week, Kowalskiy has decided to bless us with yet another freebie. This one is 3 tracks from Robbie from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's new band, The Radical Dads. Just scroll down and submit your email address and they'll send you some tunes.

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