25 July 2010

Weekly Round Up (25/07/10)

Monday - Penguins Kill Polar Bears sunk their teeth into some Fresh Meat
Tuesday - Scottish American outfit, The Wynnton Marshals Radio 2 session got a well earned posting. Fans of the Teenage Fanclub would be recommended to check them out
Wednesday - The Seventeenth Century stepped up to the plate and became the 25th entry into the Scots Way Hay club. Great band, great post, great tunes, if you missed it on Wednesday make sure you check them out.
Thursday - The legendary John D from Pin Up Nights did some Community Service, plus I also posted live sets from this T Break Stage.
Friday - Yet another week filled with some amazing Freebies, including tracks from Peenko favourite King Post Kitsch, a greta new tune from Edwyn Collins, up and coming Edinburgh outfit Trapped Mice and some solo tracks from Ryan Joseph Burns of the afore mentioned The Seventeenth Century.
Saturday - Camera Obscura were our We've Got It Covererd stars with their take on the Abba classic Super Trooper

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

Right it's Sunday, Sunday's nights are usually pretty dull nights, the fear of work the next day tends to start to kick in late in the afternoon. So what better a way to cure those blues than by heading along to the Classic Grand tonight for Mammoeth’s debut album launch. Formerly known as Team Turnip , the band have organised cracking wee line up featuring Sunset Song (formerly Wake The President), recent 'Ayetunes vs Peenko' starlets Randolph’s Leap and the a talented young lady by the name of Georgia Seddon (the daughter of Incredible String Band legend Mike Heron- now that's some impressive heritage). Doors are at 7pm and tickets are only £6, possibly the cheapest Sunday night blues curer that you're ever going to find.
You can find further details here.

Now for the bit where I go all corporate on you all. Some of you (i.e. Jim) might remember that I ran a post a while back about the end of the Mill, 'cleverly' entitled 'Run of the Mill'. I had picked the information up from a bands blog, but as they had their fingers rapped for it I had to pull the post. Turned out that it was actually true though, the Mill is no more, some might argue that it's not that great a loss, but I always thought it was a good idea that could have been tweaked. I guess once you give things away for free it kind of devalues to a certain extent, which usually meant that you ended up with a lot folk being there to be seen rather than to see the bands. I know I am getting older, but seriously why the fuck do people go to gigs just to talk shite to their mates. The older I get the more I can relate to Larry David.
Anyway, there was a point to this, honest there was. Basically the Mill is no more, in it's place Miller have used their research to find a product more tailored towards what 'the kids' want. It's called Miller Filtered and t sounds like it good be a much better way to market beer and music together. What they have decided to do is go with the novel idea of bringing big name bands to Oran Mor (sorry Edinburgh, but there will no longer be any East coast Miller gigs), and to have them play their songs in a stripped back fashion. Kicking it all off are The Doves, a band that are billed as one of the biggest in Britain, or at least that's what the press had us believe. Weren't they supposed to do an Elbow last year, I don't think they ever quite made the major league breakthrough did they? Still though, they are a pretty big band, I think the fact that the gig sold out in less than 24 hours can vouch for that. In addition to the Doves they have two local bands playing, one of which is Pearl and the Puppets. An artist that I will that I have never really painted in a positive light, after seeing her play at the launch I can appreciate that she's talented. Not my cup of tea, but she should do well. As for the other band that are playing on the night, they were so bland that I can't fully remember their name.
Right that's just about enough of my ramblings on Miller Filtered, basically it sounds like an interesting concept. The Doves gig is sold out so you'll have to wait until the next event before you can check it all out. Apparently they have someone pretty special lined up, but they won't be releasing any details until after the first gig takes place. So basically keep those eyes peeled, I am sure they have something exciting in store for us all.

In case you missed the plug for it during the week, then here's a wee reminder that this Friday is the second ever PinUp Nights Festival, featuring sets Mitchell Museum, Sonny Marvello, Futuristic Retro Champions and Campfires in Winter. Plus DJ sets from Scott from Sons & Daughters, Remember Remember, plus loads more. Check their website for further details.

Innovative Edinburgh base label, Gerry Loves Records, celebrate the release of their second split single. After the success of their first split release which featured Conquering Animal Sound and Debutant. Now they're back with another really interesting combination, Yahweh and Trapped in Kansas. The single is out next week (2nd of August) on limited edition 7", with the added bonus of a download of the two tracks, plus also an exclusive bonus track by each of the artists. Plus if you're quick off the mark then there is also going to be an extra special super limited, deluxe edition. You can pre-order yourself a copy by heading over to the Gerry Loves website.

To celebrate the release they're putting on couple of gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The first one is this Thursday (29th) at the The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, with the bands relocating to Glasgow for on Friday the 30th July at Nice n Sleazys. Trapped in Kansas and Yahweh play live on both nights, plus support. You can stream both of the singles below.

LOVES002 by gerrylovesrecords

Next weekend sees the launch of the inaugural Captains Rest Festival. It takes place over two nights, Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August, with the 'Rest is being taken over by a whole mixture of Scottish and international bands. Saturday's line-up looks something like this World Atlas (Brooklyn, Ny) Lenzie Moss (Glasgow) Male Pattern Band (Glasgow) Lady North (Edinburgh) Q Without U (Glasgow) Calacas (Glasgow) Mike Nisbett (Glasgow)
While on the Sunday they have Young Empires (Toronto, Ca) She's Hit (Glasgow) Un Cadavre - (SEE THEY CAN STILL GET GIGS IN GLASGOW, FUNNY THAT IT'S WITH PCL) Xprolifex (Glasgow) Tangles (Glasgow) Curators (Glasgow) Little Kicks (Aberdeen/Edinburgh).
Further details are available here.

Tickets for this years Retreat Festival go on sale tomorrow, billed as a strung out weekend of DIY pop music in Edinburgh. The event which is in it's third year, takes place over the weekend of the 28th and 29th August. Featuring 16 acts from Edinburgh and Glasgow, the event has a a cracking line up in store for you.
SATURDAY AUGUST 28TH : eagleowl, Enfant Bastard, FOUND, Jesus H. Foxx, Skeleton Bob, Withered Hand and Wounded Knee
SUNDAY AUGUST 29TH : Benni Hemm Hemm, Conquering Animal Sound, The Douglas Firs, The Leg, Meursault, Milk, Rob St John and The Wee Rogue
Day tickets are £7 and Weekend Tickets are just £12
Click here for further details.

Lastly, next week sees the launch of another independant Scottish Festival, Doune The Rabbit Hole, which surprisingly enough takes places up in Doune (near Stirling). This one is for charity, it has a cracking array of Scottish talent, it looks something like this Meursault (Song, By Toad), The Junipers , Withered Hand (SL), Rozi Plain (Fence), Francois & The Atlas Mountains, Wounded Knee, Hidden Masters, Lipsync for A Lullaby, Les BOF!, Modus, Sara & The Snakes, and much more, as well as (DJs) Rudi Zygadlo (Planet Mu), Josh Jones (Death Disco - The Arches, Glasgow), Tall Paul Robinson (The Go-Go Club – Studio 24, Edinburgh), and GRNR.
Now that's what I call a line up! Tickets are very reasonable £15-£47, you can buy them here.

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