18 July 2010

Weekly Round Up (18/07/10)

Monday - was a busy wee day with live recordings from Admiral Fallow and Frightened Rabbit. Plus we had the amazing Randolph's Leap taking on some Fresh Meat action
Tuesday - there was a bit more Frabbit, this time it was a recording of their Shock Session
Wednesday - Edinburgh outfit 'Mayhew' became the 24th entry into the Scots Way Hay club
Thursday - even more sessions, this time there were recordings of Tired Pony and The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, and even more excitingly Heidi from We Sink Ships did some Community Service for me
Friday - this could quite possibly have been the greatest week for Friday Freebies ever, if you haven't already make sure you get the We're Only Afraid of NYC 0.3 EP downloaded. Trust me, just trust me. There was also another wee Tired Pony session for you to download.
Saturday - We kicked off the day by introducing non-Scottish band, Bear Driver, I think they're amazing hence the reason for me making an exception and giving them a plug. Even more excitingly I had a specially 'commissioned' recording of Randolph's Leap covering Ivor Cutler's 'Everybody Got' for We've Got It Covered'. Plus as if all of that wasn't enough, their was a session from the amazing National and some more live recordings from T in the Park.

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

The King Tut's Summer Nights gigs continue this week with several cracking wee gigs, here's what they have in store for you...
Mon 19th - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, Bear Bones, Lou Hickey and Crow Road
Tue 20th - Kitty The Lion, Martin James and Associates, Julia and the Doogans and the Second Hand Marching Band
Wed 21st - The Hostiles, Energy, He Slept on 57 and Fires Attract
Thu 22nd - Lightguides, Makes Sparks, Penguins Kill Polar Bears and Oliver Stays
Fri 23rd - Mickey 9's, Vendor Defender, The Emma's and The OK Social Club
Sat 24th - Astral Planes, Galleries, Cancel the Astronauts and Casino Brag

I think that's all for this week, I would just like to use the opportunity to thank everyone who came along last night and to We're Only Afraid of NYC, Randolph's Leap and Little Yellow Ukuleles for playing for us. I had a great night, I hope you did too, now to start planning Ayetunes vs Peenko 3. How we are going to top that I have no idea.....

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