16 July 2010

Friday Freebies

we're only afraid of NYC
Today sees the release of their third EP, 'zero.three', by the Glasgow trio, it could quite possibly be the greatest thing to have been released in 2010. Yes, it's that good. I guess you already know that myself and Jim 'Ayetunes' love this band, if you don't trust us, then trust the lovely Lauren Laverne who also shares our passion. Download yourself a free cope of the EP over on their Bandcamp page, then once you realise how right I am, make sure you come along and catch their headlining set at tomorrow's Ayetunes vs Peenko 2 gig. It's going to be beasting.

Burnt Island
Their mini-album 'Music and Maths' has been one of my favourite releases this year, if you haven't hunted it out I thoroughly recommend that you do. Should you need a bit more convincing, what is my word not good enough for you?! then get yourself over to Wiseblood Industries where you can download 'Hiding Out' the first single to be released from the album, completely gratis. In addition to this you can also download exlcusive new track 'Gamblers Dream', another delicate slice of joy from the Burnt Island kids.

Robin Adams
In a world where singer songwriters seem to be ten a penny you really do need to be at the top of your game if you want to stand out from the crowd. Even after listening to the first couple of minutes of a song you can usually gauge what an artist is going to be like, Robin Adams had me after about ten seconds of listening. It reminds me a lot of traditional Scottish singers, but with a modern twist, personally I really his album 'Down to Reverie' which is free for you to download here.

Frivolous Laura
This download was brought to my attention from good friend of the blog, the mysterious King Post Kitsch, apparently he played on it, although it sounds nothing like his stuff, it reminds me a bit of Kate Bush, no someone that I would normally be all that keen on, but I do like this. If I haven't completely ruined it for you, then you can download her new EP 'Clearing The Decks' over on her Bandcamp page.

Owen Pallett
The artist formerly known as Final Fantasy, or the guy that does the strings for Arcade Fire, has a free EP available for one week only. To get yourself a copy of his 'Lewis Takes Off His Shirt' EP just head on over to the Domino Records site, give them your email address and they'll send you a copy.

Another wee cracking find from our good friend over at Listen Before You Buy. Some of you might noticed that myself and a whole load of hipsters have been getting very excited over a band called Cults, and rightly so I reckon. Thanks to LBYB we have this little gem which features members of the aforementioned band, plus a wee guest appearance from the lead singer from Chairlift. Now that's enough of reading my rambling, get downloading their EP here.

The Highland outfit are starting to cause a bit of a stir up north, want to find out what all the fuss is about? Well you're in luck as you can get yourself a free download of their track 'Pillars of Creation' for free by signing up to their mailing list.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
Head over to the DailyRecord's website, enter your details and you'll receive free track, 'Fireplace', which is taken from his debut album which came out on Monday.

Hold Your Horse Is
Signed to the uber cool Big Scary Monsters label, they're giving away a free download from their forthcoming EP 'Rammin' It Home'. Unfortunately, it looks like they've not got the link sorted properly on their site, so to download their song 'You Show Up' just right click and save the link.

Give them your email address and they'll let you download 'Trevelyan' the final Talons single before their album is released later this year.

Frankie and the Heartstrings
They've just revamped their websit, to coincide with this they're giving away a free download of their song 'Fragile'. Get yourself a copy here.

Emmy The Great
Sign up to her new mailing list and you'll get a free download of 'First Love' Mariachi style, recorded live at the Barbican.

I hnestly can't tell you all that much about this one, all I know is that they/he/she is from Scotland and makes some amazing 'noise'. There's a free download of an EP called 'Break Before Made' which you can download on their Bandcamp.

Beldina O
She comes from Glasgow via Kenya, she makes really beautiful music, that's pretty much all you need to know, that and she has a gorgeous wee song called 'Chariots' up for free download on her Soundcloud page.

Jenny and Johnny
Ms Lewis and her Scottish boyfriend have made another track available for free, this one's called 'Big Wave' and you can download it over on Stereogum. If you missed out on the first free track 'Scissor Runner' then that's still up for grabs on their homepage.

Unkle Bob

Mind these guys? Well they have a new album on the way so they're giving away a free download of their new song 'So Sorry', just click the link and sign up for their mailing list.

Cut Copy
You can download a free copy of their song 'Where I'm Going' over on their website.

Kowalskiy's Komplimentary Korner

Free Monthly 5-Track Scottish EP
The Doc has just started a new monthly post featuring exclusive tracks from 5 Scottish bands, to start it all of he's lined up some corking tunes. Check this out for a track listing....

Curators - Debut album exclusive track
Arran Arctic - Seldom-heard rare back catalogue track
Cancel The Astronauts - an unheard live track
Punch & the Apostles - a new track from their forthcoming album
The Martial Arts - New demo which was recorded just this week

Stick that in your pipe and er download it...on his new Bandcamp page

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