08 June 2010

North Country Boy

I don't tend to talk about my personal life all that much on here, mainly cause I don't want to bore you all. Without going into too much detail last week could have been a real stinker of a week for me, due to some major changes brought in by the new government, myself and a very large number of my work colleagues all got made redundant. Boo-hiss, etc.
Fortunately for me I was 'sunning' it up in York as it all took place, so I was pretty lucky, as my friends/colleagues were going through the painful process, I was screaming like a little girl in York Dungeons. In the end though seems to have worked out for the best, or at least they have at the moment. I had worked there for eight years, so I am getting a decent enough pay off to last me a month or two until I can find something new, I can watch all of the World Cup and most excitingly I can take the very kind off of the Born To Be Wide folk to go up to GoNorth in Inverness tomorrow. From what I can gather it sounds like a mini-SXSW type event, with seminars during the day and band showcases in the evening. It runs from Wednesday to Friday, and the plan is that I will be reporting back on the events that I go to. Sounds like a decent enough plan to me, although I am slightly paranoid at the thought of trying to come up with anything in my hungover/drunken state, it's going to be interesting to say the least.

If you are free and you stay in Inverness or you fancy coming along, then all you have to do to attend any of the events is register at www.gonorth.biz under the delegates section, it's free, which is nice. It all kicks off on Wednesday with the goNorth Fringe, in the Iverness Ironworks. Some of the topics being covered by the Born To Be Wide seminars include music management and how to get your music used in film, television and adverts. There will also be panels on how to make the most money from music with little additional work and a discussion featuring artists who take care of their own booking, releases and promotion. Sounds pretty good to me, I'll be at all of these, I would say come and say hi if you are there, but as you probably don't know who I am that might not be the best idea. Having had a look at the bands showcasing in the evenings, I am already struggling to decide as to who to go and see. There are too many clashes, far too many clashes!! Either way, it's going to be fun and I look forward to telling you all about it.

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