13 June 2010

A New Glasgow Music Festival - Commercial Alternative

One of my favourite annual events in Glasgow used to be the Hey You Get Off My Pavement festival at Mono. It was a bit sad to see it disappearing off the calendar, along with the demise of Indian Summer a bit of a gap seemed to have been left in the alternative Scottish festival circuit. So I was chuffed as fuck today to find out that an all day music festival is being put on at Mono on Sunday 4th July. Featuring 9 cracking local bands, the events sounds very similar to the aforementioned 'Hey You...' event, with band playing inside the venue while a large covered beer garden will be available to guests on the paved area of King's Court.
Right on with the important stuff, who's playing at it, well here you go.....
The Phantom Band, Comet Gain, 1990s, Remember Remember, Spectrals, Girls Names, Astral Planes, Peter Parker and Golden Grrrls.

Ooft! That's a quality wee line up, tickets are only £20 (plus booking fee), and they're are available from Monorail Music and Tickets Scotland. With only 300 tickets available this should sell out well in advance, so you might want to get your tickets bought sooner rather than later.

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