15 May 2010

We've Got It Covered #1

I had actually planned to start this series of posts next week, but then Euan form the Steinberg Principle send me this little gem and I thought it was a good excuse to bring it forward a week. Here's the deal, every week I get a bit pissed off with myself for not having something organised to go out on a Saturday -yep that's right I am going to attempt to get at least one post a day.
So from now on every Saturday I will be posting a wee cover version, initially I am going to try and go with only Scottish artists doing covers, we'll see how long that lasts.
Anyway, to kick us off I am going with Adam Stafford covering the Twilight Sad.
It's taken from a mini Covers LP, called 'Music In The Mirrabell', which is due out in June on his own label Wiseblood Industries. Enjoy

Adam Stafford - Walking For Two Hours (Twilight Sad cover)

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