30 May 2010

Weekly Round Up (30/05/10)

Monday -Peterhead's Indian Red Lopez provided us with some tasty Fresh Meat
Tuesday - our love in with Meursault started this week with their Vic Galloway session, which came with the added bonus of a Daniel Johnston cover
Wednesday - day two of the Meursault love in, and they became the latest Scots Way-Hay victims. There was also a wee Frabbit session in there too, we can't have a week without one these days.
Thursday - the wonderful We're Only Afraid Of NYC were in session for Vic (we love these guys), also a week of Teenage Fanclub sessions started with their Radio 2 Session
Friday - it's freebie time!! Oh and yet another Fannies session, this one was for Marc Riley's 6Music show (this might well have gone up on Saturday, but it was meant to have been posted on Friday)

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

Those pesky Detour kids are it again, man they're good. This Wednesday (2nd), they've only gone and got the following bands lined up to play for them Song of Return (formerly Union of Knives), There Will Be Fireworks and Meursault. Stick that in your pipe!
It's at The Buff Club, tickets are only a fiver on the door, it all kicks off at 9pm, through until 3 in the morning. Man that's gone be one messy evening. it promises all the usual chaos of their Detour Live nights with hosts Ally and Weaver, who are also recording a pilot for their very own TV show. I'm going to be sunning it up in York when this is on, I might go the Viking Centre instead. That's 'rock 'n roll', right? Right? Fuck I'm old.....

Lost City Lights (more on them later) are out on tour this week in support of their new single “We Own the Night”, you can catch them on Wednesday (3rd) in Edinburgh at Whistlebinkies, followed by a gig on Sunday (6th) at the Captain’s Rest in Glasgow.

On Thursday (3rd), independent label and artist collective Antimatter are putting on their second installment of Musicbox, an evening of aural and visual delight....
The concept of Musicbox is pretty simple: 'Musically, each line up features four of the best new up and coming artists around. We operate an open mixed genre policy. Acoustic artists play side by side with electronic, folk bands play next to experimental musicians. Each artist has been specifically chosen to compliment the rest of the bill.'

Visually, they do things a little differently. The line up on the night also features four up and coming photographers. Each photographer is pre-assigned to a band. Which they are given a month to soak up the sound of their band and shoot a sequence of photographs as their interpretation of that band's music. Each sequence is then projected live on the night as a visual accompaniment to that band's performance. Performing Live on the night are Call to Mind (check their EP it's class!), Error Response, Cracks In The Concrete and Nomogram. Photographers: Ruan Suess, Awai David Wan, Erin Hardee and Parallax. Tickets are only £4, you can buy them in advance through the Antimatter homepage.
Sounds like a cracking (do I use that word too much?) night.

Continuing on with what is proving to be a busy wee week in Glasgow, our friends from Radar (the music blog that's done through the Scotsman), are putting on their first ever gig. They're touting it as a showcase for the best and most exciting new music in Scotland, having seen the line up I can't help but agree. It's at Nice'n'Sleazy's on Friday (4th) featuring the following, My Cousin I Bid You Farewell, Miaoux Miaoux and Blue Sky Archives.
Pretty, pretty good.

Tonight (30th) Ming Ming and the Ching Chings launch their new EP 'Not in Anyone's Gang' with a wee shindig at Nice n' Sleazys, 11pm - 3am. Shite name for a band, sorry fellas,thankfully though their music is cracking. If you've got the Monday off then this could be a grand way to spend your evening, the band will perform their new EP in their truly unforgettable hybrid, high-octave style. Expect a visual assault of projected artwork, VJ's and DJ'n and hot Brazilian dancing! Sounds like fun to me.

Washington Irving, are another band celebrating the launch of an EP this week. A wee corker it is too, hopefully we'll have more on them later in the month. Get yourself along to Mono on Thursday night (3rd), for their official EP launch, support on the evening comes from Randolphs Leap and Endor (Jarv Solo Set). Yet another great gig taking place this week while I'm away, I reckon there's some kind of conspiracy of bands not want me to come to their gigs. Cannae blame them, have you seen my dancing? Oh wait you probably have.....

Also on Thursday, are good friends over at Elba have a corker of a gig lined up at the Liquid Ship. The line up for the evening is a wee corker, featuring Blue Sky Archives (more from them soon, and by soon I mean July, there's a bit of a backlog of great new bands lined up), My Cousin I Bid You Farewell (I should really get my finger out and give them a listen) and last but not least, Peenko favourite Shambles Miller. Plus did I mention it's free, cannae beat free!

Oh and if you're looking for something to fill your Sunday afternoon with, then I'd suggest you head on over to the Tramway to check out the John Cage Musicircus. All the information and the like can be found here...

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  1. The line up of gigs for this week is taking the fucking piss, I almost wish I was buggering off to York so I wouldn't have to pick what to go to.