23 May 2010

Weekly Round Up (23/05/10)

Monday - the excellent Night Noise Team brought some fresh meat to the butchers table
Tuesday - Rod Jones and his naked band the Birthday Suit were in session for Vic Galloway. Whilst we had a double helping of Frabbit thanks to our American buddy Ryan 'Cut Here', fucking love that guy.
Wednesday - I am becoming a bit of a fanboy when it comes to the French Wives, so I was chuffed to bits to have them enter the hall of the fame that is Scots Way-Hay
Thursday - I only heard Aerial Up for the first time a few weeks back on the Podcart, bloody magic they are too. They did a cracking wee session for the Vicmeister
Friday - an absolute shed loads of freebies came your way, there were some seriously amazing tunes up for grabs this week.

News, gigs and any other gubbins......

Details of this years Word up Kelburn Garden Party got announced this week, very exciting it looks too. To make things a bit more special this year, they have decided to relocate the main stage and it will be at all new and have are-vamped Viewpoint, complete with decor, lights, seating, visuals and all manner of funky bits. There is also going to be a dance tent in the Tall Trees, put on by Electrikal, plus somewhere in the woods, Ten Tracks are curating the Acoustic Cafe. The line up is still being put together, but so far they announced that the following acts will appear; Broken Records, Meursault, Hidden Orchestra (formerly Joe Acheson Quartet), Alex Cornish, The Staggerats, Captain Slackship's The Mezzanine Allstars, The Ordinary Allstars, Lypsinc For A Lullaby, Stanley Odd, Freaky Family, Raise Your Hem, John Langhan Band, The House of La, and The Set Up. Details on how to get tickets and the like can be found here.

PinUp Nights is back on Friday, fuck knows how they'll manage to top last month Bloggers Delight Night (check the pictures). Well they're certainly giving it a good go, here's the important info.....

Guest Djs: Thomas Hein (These New Puritans), Rosie Cunningham (Ipso Facto), Hahaha (Vendor Defender) And Halleluwah Hits (Glasgow's New Record Shop/Label) Playing Live: Gold Future Joy Machine (London), Nevada Base, Un Cadavre, Miss The Occupier Plus - The Pin Up Djs Playing Their Inimitable Mix Of New And Classic Indie, Punk, Soul And Electropop Across Two Rooms And All The Usual Pin Ups Hilarity And Mayhem You've Come To Expect! £5 Advance Tickets From Tickets Scotland And www.Pinup-Nights.co.uk Fanzine & Badge For 1st 100!

The line up for the T-Break at theis years 'T in the Park' also got announced this week, in case you missed it here's the line line-up in full: Be Like Pablo, French Wives, Fridge Magnets, Kitty The Lion, Kobe Onyame, Lightguides, Make Sparks, Mitchell Museum, Mopp, Night Noise Team, Stanley Odd, The Draymin, Three Blind Wolves, The Ray Summers, The Seventeenth Century and Washington Irving. There's some corkers in there, and some stuff that we'll just skip over. Who says that the decision making is all corrupt, not me, no sir ;)

Also, the campaign to save The Pop Cop hasn't died, the fight it is still on going, head on over to what we hope is a temporary home to fine out more. Any support you can offer would be appreciated, as this just makes me sad.

In case you missed it, the Kays Lavelle album, 'Be Gentle This Still Morning' got released this week. I really like think it's a cracking wee record, well worth the seven quid it's on sale for.


This arrived late in my inbox and I thought it deserved to be squeezed in , next weekend TBC (Together Beat Cancer) Presents: Dusk Till Dawn. A two part music event designed to raise both funds and awareness for Maggies Centres. The legend that is Jim Gellatly is your host for the evening. With the following acts lined up: ‘Dusk’, Friday - Radio Magnetic Soundsystem DJ’s, Loki and Konchis, Louise McVey and The Cracks in the Concrete and Admiral Fallow. ‘Dawn’, Saturday- Heather Downie, Aaron Wright and the Aprils, Alan McKim and Findlay Napier. Further details can be found here.


  1. Aye, the T-Break list is pretty hit or miss. It is ridiculous how most bands get there too. Friends doing other friends favours. By friends I mean 'folk who PR/manage/are affiliated with the band in some way'.

    Need some impartial judges, how many T-Break bands ever actually become successful? To aide Scottish music we need a better panel.

  2. I concur! but it's never going to happen.

  3. I know. I just wish some folk involved wouldn't claim to be 'helping out Scottish music' when they are in it for themselves.

    I'm going away to have an anger 'bate.

  4. Anonymous24/5/10

    If you are a friend doing another friend a favour how does that make you in it for yourself? Doing no one favours would be more fitting there.

    How do you define "better panel"?

    When we live in this magical fairytale World what happens to the bands you don't like, but plenty others do? Do their fans then get to bitch and wail until they get a turn running things?

    Can I pay for a sandwich with a jaunty tune instead of money?

  5. I'm sorry but it is not only me who has voiced my opinions about it. Not everyone is going to like the bands selected. That wasn't my point. I just feel the way in which bands get there could be improved.

    I also indicated I meant 'friend' as in a band managed or PR'd by one of the panel. So I define 'better panel' as fairer, impartial panel. I don't think I was being unreasonable saying that. Your bitter and, frankly, incoherent response kind of proves my point.

    Some smashing bands on the line up. I was just suggesting things get shaken up a wee bit.