09 May 2010

Weekly Round Up (09/05/10)

Monday -Fresh Meat Monday went all electro in the form of Sefiros
Tuesday -We Were Promised Jetpacks recorded live at Neumos in Seattle all thanks to my good American friend CutHere (mon the Mariners!)
Wednesday - straight in at number 14 in the world of Scots Way-Hay were Edinburgh band The Kays Lavelle. The National were also in recording a session for 6Music, their new album is really starting to grow on me after failing to impress initially. Glad I stuck with it now.
Thursday - we were back on track with our quote of one Frabbit session a week, this time it was for WEXPN (which alwasy reminds me of that film, Private Parts about shockjock Howard Stern)
Friday - You know what time it is, it's Freebies time!

news, gigs and gubbins....

I must admit that I was a bit slow on the old news/gigs front this week. I can't remember anyone emailing me stuff. If they did and I missed it, sorry!

The most exciting thing that got announced was the innaugural Fence 'Away-Days' festival, which looks fucking amazing. Sadly I won't be able to make it due to the arrival of Peenko Jnr. You can find all of the important details and the like here.

Tigerfest kicked off last week and continues on with a plethora of excellent gigs this week, all of which you can find listed below. Sadly there's no Glasgow shows and I'm too lazy/busy to make the venture east/north. If you do close to any of these places, then might I suggest you get down and show your support for some excellent Scottish music.
Tonight -17 Seconds night: X-Lion Tamer/The Wildhouse/White Heath @ Roxy Art House
Tuesday 11th -TV21/Boycotts/Midas Fall @ Cabaret Voltaire.
Wednesday 12th - is this music? presents: Jesus H. Foxx / There Will Be Fireworks @ Electric Circus (White Noise night).
Thursday 13th -17 Seconds night: Chris Bradley/Dirty Cuts/Last Battle @ Roxy Art House.
Friday 14th - Martin Stephenson/Fourteenhours/The Blind Assassins @ Wee Red Bar.
Thursday 20th - Ambulances/Vertis/Crayons.
Friday 21st -Fence Records night: King Creosote/Withered Hand/Rozi Plain.
Saturday 22nd- Malcolm Middleton/Spare Snare.
Friday 21st - The Unwinding Hours/Katerwaul @ Tunnels (Interesting Music Promotions).

On Thursday Emma Pollock is playing an instore gig at the Apple Store in Glasgow. The event is free, and it kicks off around half six. Further detais can be found here.

Also, announced this week was the return of the Wee Tree Festival. Now into it's third year, the eco-friendly event that takes place on the weekend of the 25th-27th of June. It's still a secret as to where it's being held, but the organisers have promised that it is within an hour of Edinburgh and it will be somewhere pretty special. So far they have the following bands lined up for the event, Banna Sessions, Stringjammer, Missing Cat, Pyslent V, Ruby and the Emerlds, Mammal, Ned Zeppelin, The Spectres and The Eye of the Duck.

Early Bird tickets (if purchased before the 17th of May) are only £32, Full Price Tickets are £42. If this sounds like it could be your cup of tea, then you can find more details here.

I guess I should also thank everyone who came along to our gig Peenko vs Ayetunes gig, last Friday, I really should have had something posted up about it by now. But a combination of the wife's birthday and feeling exhausted meant that it got forgotten. I would just like to thanks everyone who came along and made the night so special. Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum and Campfires in Winter, I fucking love you all to bits. How the hell me and Jim will ever be able to top it I don't know. We are working on doing another one, seeing as everyone seemed to ask when it was. Provisionally we are thinking mid July, although we have arranged fuck all so far. Or asked any bands, venues to see if they are available. There is a 'wish list' though, a very fucking long wishlist. Also, to anybody we had to turn away on the night I am really really sorry, it felt very fucking shit having to turn you away. I think we'll look to get a bigger venue next time, to fit you all in (and to make sure that neither of us has to sit at the top of the stairs while the bands are on).

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