21 May 2010

Friday Freebies

Maxwell Panther
You know when radio DJ's act all wanky and refer to someone as a 'friend of the show'. They sounds like cocks don't they? Well I'm going to be a cock (yes, I know what's new - you witty bunch you). Friend of Peenko blog, and also on the Song By Toad label, Maxwell Panther, has a new album out. It's called 'Lovers reBEL' and it's free to download on his Bandcamp page. We like his music, we hop you do too.

Popup are back back with three new cracking tracks, all taken from their forthcoming second album. Just head over to their Soundcloud page and get downloading.

Miniature Tigers
For any of you that have been visiting this site for a while now, ie Jim, you might remember I tipped these guys for great things a while back. Their debut album was a fucking belter, sadly not many folk picked up on it, time to get the rectified as they're about to release their second album pretty soon. You can download a free track from it over at Stereogum.

Luke Haines/The Auteurs
I fucking love it when folk get in touch to help out, this blog isn't just all about me. I like the idea of it being more of a collective, we just need Boab and Susie to post a bit more! Anyway, I digress, thanks to a cracking fella who goes by the name of Colin, we have our first freebie of the week, it comes from Luke Haines who has a live Auteurs set up on his site which you can download for free.

Penny Black Remedy
Until June the 27th London folk punk outfit, Penny Black Remedy are giving their single 'You Have Wasted Your Life, Now Please Stop, away as a free download. Just head over to their Bandcamp page and get yourself sorted.

Mind these guys? they were tipped as being the English version of the White Stripes/Black Keys, they had the one tune on a car ad. I thought they'd chucked it in ages ago, so it was a nice surprise this week when I found out that they were coming back with a new line up, and more excitingly that they're giving away a free digital live EP called 'Latest Heartbreak'. In order to get a copy all you have to do is sign up to their mailing list.

For me Underworld will always be the band that did the 'Trainspotting song', I was never that interested in anything else that they did. I saw them once at a festival in Spain and they really didn't do anything for me. Anyway, enough about me, for those of you out there that like(d) them, you might be interested to learn that they have made a new track, 'Scribble', available as a free download.

RW Hedges
His 'Almanac' EP is available to download for free on his Bandcamp

Subscribe to her mailing list and you'll be sent a free mp3 of her single 'Immaterial'.

They Would Be Happy People
Their album is free to download just head on over to their Bandcamp page.

Japandroids and Best Coast
Saucony Originals have some 'rare and unreleased' downloads from both bands up for grabs. Just click the link.

Grand Archives
The Seattle indie rockers have put their 'The Story So Far' EP up for free download on their homepage.

Band of Horses
Or should that be 'Bland' (can't remember who I nicked that off - I'm not that funny), anyway they have a free download of 'Laredo', from their new album up for grabs over at KEXP.

Nude Pilots
Not since the Sexy Kids have we had a Scottish band name that might get you into shit with your IT department in work. They're giving away their new EP though, ain't that nice of them.

Tim Fite
He's giving away his album 'Under The Table Tennis' for nowt, here.

Mind we featured these lovely fellows back in January (I think), well they've stuck up a few songs for free download on their Soundcloud page. Get in about it kids.

Tokyo Police Club
RCRD LBL have a free download 'Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) (Passion Pit Remix)' up for grabs. Just click here.

Yup him out Bloc Party, I must admit that I never really 'got' what all the fuss was about, but this is quite catchy. It's a free download of 'Tenderoni (Larry Tee and Beckwith Remix) and it's available here for free.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney
They're putting a free single out through Adult Swim (the American cartoon network?), how the fuck that works I don't know, but it sounds class. It's free here.

You need a Facebook page to get this track, just click on the link to say that you 'like it' and you'll get yourself a free copy of 'New Paths To Helicon Pt. 1' for nowt. Cheers to Luke for the tip.

Doctor Dave will see you now, it's time for............

Kowalskiys Komplimentary Korner

Get Well Soon
It's been a busy wee week for the Doc, but once again he's pulled a trump card out of the bag. He's gone with one of his "Ten for 2010", Get Well Soon, who has a free song, "5 Steps/7 Swords" from his 'outstanding' album "Vexations" up on his website.


  1. Holy crap, man, you've really outdone yourself this time.

    New 22-20s? Luv!

  2. thanks mate, i actually had to stop and save some for next week!